January 16, 2006

Getting Physical and in the Money

Good evening to all of my beautiful people that make up this unique planet. Today was just another ORDINARY day for me at job #1. I left around 3:20pm and headed out to North West Plaza to checkout a place called 24 Hour Fitness. Earlier today I called a childhood friend of mine who happens to be a personal trainer. When I last spoke to her, she was a trainer at New Lady Fitness. I hadn't talked to her in a while so I prayed her phone number was still the same. I called, she answered. We talked for about 5 minutes and she told me she now worked at 24 Hour Fitness and how much she enjoyed it. I told her what my goals were and she told me I should stop by. I told her I would try to and thanked her for the info.

Shortly afterwards I called the Customer Service number and spoke with someone at the Desk, who would have someone give me a call back. Sure enough a couple of hours later someone by the name of Nick gave me a call back but I missed his phonecall. After getting off from work, I went to 24 Hour Fitness and the first person I saw thru the door was Maria;) She introduced me to Nick and he explained to me the whole setup of the place, how much it would cost, the equipment, the workout classes and how I could have a personal trainer. I was definitely interested by the end of our conversation. So i took some info Nick gave me and told him I would be back soon to start and signup.

It was getting close to 6pm and i had to jet from their to Harrah's Casino, for a birthday bash for my mom. I get there around 6:05pm and see my Aunt Alice in the Lobby. She was going to spend the night and had just checked into her hotel room. I accompined her to her room which was just simply off the chain. Boy when you are a Diamond Player you definitely get the perks, but I know you have to fork over some serious cash though to get to that limit. 10 minutes later we are in the Lobby meeting up with the rest of my family as well as my Uncle Jack, Aunt Charolotte, uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, and 2 other friends of the family.

We head up to the buffet and eat our fill. Me being a good girl just ate some baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and some beef and brocolii (sorry can't spell for shit). After eating my mom reads her cards and collects her money. We then go back downstairs to the casino area and I was about to go home, when my sister decided she wanted me to come with her while she played some BlackJack. NOW for me, I'm not too fond of the casino, I don't like to go but WILL go just to have a peace of mind when my mom is wants to go. So I follow my sis to a blackjack table and she drops $40 bucks to start off. i'm lookin at her like......okay..... Now for me I have an issue of spending money and there being a RISK factor that I might not win anything back. That is just not my style.

Well she loses that money QUICK! We spot our dad coming into the casino with my uncle Jack, aka his older brother. He gives us both $20's and off again to another BlackJack table. I orignally just want to watch but my sis and the dealer talk me into playing. the dealer was real cool and was helping me trying to teach me the game. Eventually I lost my money but Diahanna was doing pretty good. I was alternating between watching her and watching the Mizzou/Kansas Basketball game. Which was great because Mizzou pulled thru in Overtime and won. Eventually Diahanna stopped playing and I told her I would see her at home. Shortly aftwards within 20 minutes of walking thru the door the rest of my family comes thru and now were are settled into a respective parts of the house. I am in my room, my sister is occuping the main bathroom with cellphone to her shoulder talking while probably having a curling iron trying to style her hair, dad is in the family room watching tv and my mom is probably dosed off in the master bedroom.

So to all, have a good night and pleasant dreams;)
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