January 7, 2006

Introducing the new family member and why did God create dumb ass people and should they be allowed in public places.

It's 45 mins past midnight. What an interesting day I had yesterday (Friday). To start off I wokeup in the morning checking my email to see how my Direct Deposit was from job #2, why did that mutha say ONLY $19.72? I was like what the fuck? Then i go online and realize that a United Way contribution that I had put in back in OCTOBER OF 2005 for a ONE TIME WITHDRAWL of $120.00 just DECIDED to kickin TODAY!!!!! So I freak for a min because I have a hair appoint today along with Danielle. So my mom was cool and lent me the money.

I then went to work, aka job #1. While I was at work, I was on the phone talkin with Danielle and our beautican, gives me a call stating she is too tired. We are talkin for a bit and she states that she would be able to take one of us, if one of us came earlier. I decided to take off around 1:40pm and go to the job to take care of some business for Danielle. Afterwards I go to North West Plaza to pick up some items at Bath and Body Works that I called the day before yesterday (Thursday) to be put on hold. Also paid on my jewelry layways at JC's JEWELERS.

then i went home dropped off the packages and make my way to the hair salon. I get on Highway 70 going towards Grand and speeding like a demon, notice my gas tank is on EMPTY. AYEEEEEEEEEEE, so i stop at the gas station and fill my car up with some gas. My car feels better and then I finally get the hair salon by 3pm. I am knocked the hell out pretty much sleepin thru the whole ordeal finally get out at 6:15pm.

After the hair salon I get to Danielle's where I get to meet her god-baby for the first time. Earlier this morning we decied to get together and hangout. So when I get to her house she is ready to leave along with her god-baby, Savannah. She is as cute as she can be and quite shy. Danielle's asks me to take her up to Best Buy so she can finish up some business for our work schedules. We get out there and I'm taking Savannah around the store showing her around while Danielle is taking care of her business. After a while Danielle is with us, and I go talk to one of our co-worker's Dan, to thank him for my x-mas present ( a St. Louis Galleria Gift Card).

We leave around 8pm and go the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE off of Lindbergh for dinner. Savannah starts to warm up to me and by the end of the meal she is just waving her hands around and cutting up. She was so nice she shared her bread with me and Danielle.;) Once dinner was done we go by my house so my mom can see Savannah. We stayed for probably an hour and my mom was talkin to Danielle about some issues with Savannah. Right before we leave my mom asks if I had eaten her TOSTITOES chips, ummmmmmmmmm yep. So she stated that I was not to set foot in her house till I brought another bag home.

i drop Danielle and Savannah off at their home, yet I will be picking Danielle up anyway for a morning meeting, so I'll see her soon. I then decide, yea maybe I should stop at the 24 hour Schnucks off of Lindell. I get there and pick up a few items. I am sure you are all familiar with the Self Check-out lanes. Well i step up to one and I'm starting to check out. In the middle of my activities this Chick has the nerve to move my basket so SHE can place her shit on the area right before scanning section. I'm lookin at her like what the fuck? She is standing way to close to me and I'm giving her a look like you need to give me 50ft ( I know some of you know the song).

As I am finishing up my transaction Im waiting for my receipt and do you know when I turn behind me to put my debit card up, she starts to scan her shit? I'm like I have yet to move from the area and to me it's just proper courtesy to let a person finish their business before invading on their area. As I'm getting my bags I walk away and say "rude as bitch", i know she heard me because when I turned around she had just dropped a can and was looking at me. I wanted to cus her out soooo bad, but at that particular Schnucks, the cops that are there don't care who start shit, to me they would just mace you first and ask questions later. i sure hope I see that bitch again. I'd let her ass know from now on, keep ya behind away from my basket and if ya dumbass didn't want to carry all of that stuff in your hand, then you should have had a FUCKING BASKET!!!!!!!!!!. Why do people live to piss me off? Oh well i'll just sleep on it.
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