January 5, 2006

Emotions......apply ointment where irritation occurs

Hello chicas and dudes!!!! Just got home this evening,didn't go to work today since I was feeling ill. But my spirits were lifted a bit when I received a personal message from a fellow blogger who informed me that my pages was one of many that Yahoo had highlighted as interested reads. LOL go figure that. Either way I thought he was pulling my chain until I did see my name in the listing. So I thought wow, people do like me. hahaha

ANY OLE WAY, I must say that I did have a good afternoon, 3 out of 4 packages I had been waiting for all came today and boy was I happy as hell. Then I took my behind to the St. Louis Mills Mall and chilled out at the Bookstore BOOKS-A-MILLION. I also cruised over to the Old Navy inside as well as the Bath and Body Works. For those who enjoy Bath and Body Works as much as I do, I need not tell you about the annual semi sale that is going on, as well as I know I don't need to tell you that they have ALOT of merchandise that is up to 75% off, and I definitely don't have to tell you that I have been racking up like a bandit from HELL. Sad thing is....................I'm still not done shopping.

I wonder if it is the genetic imprint of women to just SHOP (or whatever else that women might do)when we are bored, sad, depressed, mad, happy, or any other emotion that may come across our path. For men I don't even know what to say. Some guys I know like to either play some hard hitting contact sport to vent out, maybe play some Madden or any other Video game, get some head or have sex, Hell I know some guy who likes to go play Paintball when he's pissed.

For myself personally I might shop, take in a movie, play a video game, call a friend, OR WRITE A POST TO MY BLOG;) Overall Human-beings are complex and perplexed creations. I know I wouldn't want to be anything or anybody else.

On a totally seperate note: Yesterday i received some more BEAUTIFUL pics of my god-daughter I will try to post them ASAP. Also have you ever seen Hermit Crabs? When I went to the Mills today, I decided to go into one of my favorite shops and just stared at the Hermit Crabs for 10 minutes. Kinda a weird huh? Oh well I took a pic of one and I'll use that as the pic for this blog entry;)

Also I JUST remembered, is it possible to become even more pissed because you are shopping? Let me give you a tad bit a scenaro, say you go into a store and you just see some jeans that are just KILLA. You take a pair and TRY and I do emphasize on the word TRY them on. Only to find out that because God blessed you with a pair of ample hips the jeans don't come up ALL the way just off by like 2 to 3 inches. All I have to ask is WOULD IT KILL SOME OF THESE FACTORIES (OR UNFORTUANTLEY SWEAT SHOPS) JUST TO ADD 2% OR EVEN 3% SPANDEX to the DAMN JEANS? I mean not everyone can benefit from 97% cotton and 3% polyester. I like to be comfortable in my shit, not looking like I have camel toe going on.
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