January 14, 2006


Payday is always a good day, unless you have bills to pay which is pretty much anyone these days. I went to job #1 yesterday (FRIDAY MORNING) pretty early i would say 6:30am and left around 3:15pm. I decided earlier that day to do get an annual eye exam, especially since I had new frames and needed an updated prescription so I can get the lens filled. For the past 5 + years i have been -2.50 in both eyes. I went thru the eye exam with the technican with no problems at all, being able to read the bottom line of the eye chart with no problem at all.

She then escorts me to the main room where the Dr. will see me and perform some dialation test on me. AFter about 5 minutes, he finally comes in. He introduces himself and we begin the eye exam. I had to take off my glasses and look thru that weird machine which adjusts your vision. When he was done he told me that there was a bit of a change. he told me that my right eye had gone to -2.25. I was like HUH? I didn't feel any different and thought my prescription should stay the same. I wasn't too pleased, but still listened to the dr.

Then he tells me he is going to put this solution in my eyes. He puts it in and i close my eye for a couple of minutes. When I open them back up I don't feel anything at first. he then takes me back outside to pay my bill ($10, insurance is SUCH a nice thing) I sit down and wait for the stuff to take affect, 20 minutes or so. After a while the light in the whole store (LENS CRAFTERS, Saint Louis Galleria) is starting to become more intense. The dr. takes me back into his office and proceeds to do this dilation test. He says i free and clear of any eye disease and that I'm good to go. I get a copy of my prescription and i'm on my way. Before I left I spoke with a salesman and told him of my interest in new pair of frames that they have and wanted to know if they would also be caring the same color as their LENSCRATERS, Crestwood Store.

They are made by EMMANUEL UNGARO, Model: UG 4552, in at least 6 different colors and believe or not I want at least 5 of the colors. The colors are:

-7252 (Green/Rose)
-7088 (Crystal)
-7249 (Rose)
-7250 (Deep Aqua)
-7251 (Don't know the name of this color)

With the frame and bridge measurements to be 52/16 135

Been looking online to see if any sites carry at a more affordable price but haven't had much luck. So do me a favor. Keep an eye out for me and if you should come across some cheaper than $150 bucks, prefer any under $100. Drop a sista a message, email, a text message ( and let a sista KNOW PLEASE!!!

Anyway, after leaving LENSCRAFTERS my sight is still a tad bit blurry and I swear Im seeing double. I walk around to some of the stores before leaving and going home. Well I get home and just happen to look in the mirror. I swear I yelled and backed up, hit my head up against the wall because the eyes that were staring back at me thru the mirror, I know couldn't be mine. They looked way to CREEPY to be mine. Apparently the solution the dr. put in my eyes had opened up my pupil HUGE. I looked like Golem's cousin from Lord of the Rings, minus the pale icky skin and the hair loss. I just stared in fascination at my eyes for a good 10 - 15 minutes (yes I know at this time you are thinking MAN she does not have a life, and i'm like MAN I so agree. lolol) So I tried to take pictures of it but they all came out blurry so I'm pissed, it would have made for an excellent blog pic.

So now we fast forward to Saturday Afternoon where I am just chillin on my bed with a laptop and I'm looking at my T.V. which is on mute so I can concentrate on this post.Ii have work this evening till 10pm. So most likely I will take in a movie if i'm not too tired, hook up with a friend, or just go home and zonk out. So have a good day and stay safe.
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