January 12, 2006

From the City with the 2am DownTown Curfew (Yea Im talkin bout the Lou)

(MAINLY FOR THOSE WITH YAHOO 360) Greetings to all, just wanna say good evening to you all and I hope you are having a great night. I just wanna let you know AGAIN:) How much I appreciate the messages and friends invites that I have received these past couple of weeks. I wish YAHOO would PLEASE up the limit of Friends to UNLIMITED!!!!! I don't think I'm asking for much do you;) Anyway I've been trying to respond to every IM that I receive but again I'm still coming up a brick wall sometimes when it comes to responding to people, stating I'm can't write a reply back ARRGGGGG so to those who have written to me in these past couple of days again I'm sorry for this technical difficulty I'm definitely not ignoring you, I just can't reach you. Unless u post something as a response in a blog and then at least I can read it and reply back to ya there.

As far this week has gone since my last post. Well I don't remember. lol. I've been to work and have finally decided to start taking control of my weight issues and changed my eating habits this past week. I started to keep a journal to write down everything I eat everyday. It's not easy but I keep a copy of it with me in my purse as well as one at work. I'm gonna start walking again at Creve Couer Park. I also want to get back into playing sports. Something easy at first like tennis and then who knows. It's not easy and any suggestions are more than welcomed. I think I will make this my main resolution for the year.

As far family and friends, both groups are doing well. I felt bad this morning because one of my good friends texted me 2am and told me he wished I would call him more often. So around 8am I gave him a call and told him I was sorry. I realize that I probably have been neglacting my friends in one way or another. Yet I find it hard to have time to myself so I can just let my brain breathe, ya know? I talked to my girl Kaiysha from Florida, mother to my godchild. We talked for maybe 5 minutes and then I went to job #2 to get some stuff, saw Jonathan there and he told me Kamina had been by and had taken Danielle home. Then went to the Saint Louis Mills and did some shopping. Finally came home around 10pm, and I'm just got finished watching FAMILY GUY on the Cartoon Network channel. I just LOVE cartoons and I'm not ashamed to say that. In fact I'll be honest with ya. I would be more impressed if I guy bought me THE COMPLETE FARSIDE collection rather than a dozen roses. Yea I know I'm mental but what can I say? If I was normal I'd be boring...wouldn't I?
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