January 27, 2006

Recalling Aaron's Shindig

Wassupp!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all are feeling GREAT! Your girl is not right now especially since I am recovering from a hang-over from the previous night. Yea I know what you are thinking HUH? on a Thursday night? Yes I did especially since it was for a special occassion. My friend Aaron was in town, he used to work with me at job #2 before transferring to the Brentwood location and then leaving for the NAVY!! I hadn't seen him in a while, so he let me know that people were going to get together at TGI FRIDAY's in Brentwood. So I told him I would be there. I arrive around 9:30pm, first one there and I didn't see him until he called my name.

He still looked good (DUH). Yet I could tell he really had matured;) He's STILL funny as HELL!! He summed up his job by saying he gets to hear WHALES FUCK! I'm like whoa............ So anyway some more people come from the Brentwood store and we all are just chiling, laughing, relaxing, and I am being teased about not having any liquor, I'm downin water, 3 glasses to be exact and by the way I was acting they could've sworn I WAS drunk. I told them that I"m the complete opposite when I am drinking. You don't want to see that. lol

Afterwards, the place is winding down it's about 12:15A.M. Some people opt to go home while some others opt to go to M.P. OReilly's off of Manchester. So pretty much the group consists of 2 of Aarons co-workers, Gary and Stephanie, Aaron and myself. Gary and Steph took a cab there while Aaron and I went in his truck. We got worried that we passed up the place until Steph told us that we should see the place within a couple of a minutes. True enough we arrive and we go inside. The place is just jumpin with people and the music is loud and good. Oh and did I tell you that special drinks were just a $1....yes I said it ONE DOLLAR.

Well Aaron is wanting some drinks and since his Debit card was acting funny I told him I would get any drinks he wanted. Gary and Steph also were buying drinks as well so it was pretty good flow of liquor going around. We pretty much chilled at the bar while Gary and Steph would go out on the dance floor every now and then. Aaron and I would just talk, or rather I would stare in disbelief as Aaron was finishing off drink after drink, and mind you I think a couple of them were doubles. lolol At one time, a guy came over that was real cool and bought myself and Aaron drinks. Then this other guy bought Aaron a drink, the bartender gave him a free drink. I was like HAHAHAHAHA.

After a while the liquor was flowing thru the system, we all were dancing and grinding like it wasn't ANYONE'S business. lolol Needless to say the fun unfortuantely came to a close around 2:45A.M. I gave Gary and Steph my number so we could hook up for SAKI $1 Wednesday specials. I'm gonna be in heaven. We leave the bar and Aaron drives me back to my car. I tell him to be careful while he is over in BahRan or where ever in the hell he is going. Hell HE doesn't know where he is going, he just know's it's somewhere close by JAPAN, give or take a country....
Eventually he will end up in Hawaii where he will be stationed for 3 years. I told him he needs to work at the BBY out there, so he can still buy stuff on employee discount.

I told him I was definitely gonna visit him in Hawaii, I also told him when he gets settled to let me know what his address will be, so I can send him care packages. Ya know (stink bombs, fake poop, things that say I care. lolol) We give each other a hug and I get in my car. He gives me a call 10 minutes later and we are talking on the phone making sure neither one of us have an accident on the highway. He said he was phucked up but he made it home safely and so did I. I know I was fucked up because I had 7 cups of Rum and Pineapple....heavy on the Rum (I think it was 7);)
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