January 8, 2006

Baby Showers;) Dont ya feel the luv?

Today I had work at job #2 from 11am to 6pm. Unfortunatley since I came home late last night from dropping off a coworker and not getting my own behind in bed by 1am, I just HAPPEN to oversleep.....oh by say 15ish or 20ish minutes PAST 11am. So needless to say my behind didn't get to work till 11:45am. I then get to work and it's been relatively slow all day long. Luckly I have Danielle there to pass the time with and we just chill out. She clocked out at 5pm. Joe clocked in by 4:15pm, so luckly I didn't have to close today. I'm really happy because this week we started going back to our regular work hours. AMEN

Well after work I go to a baby shower for one of my cousins. I arrive around 6:40pm. See my mom, sister, my cousin andy and his sister Angelina whom the baby shower is being thrown for. Not to mention other people as well, some of them being my sister and Angelina high school friends. By the time I arrived they had already eaten and were finishing up open the baby presents. I just copped a squat in a chair in the corner and chilled out with my cousin Andy. We were joking back and forth, just enjoying the atmosphere.

When my Aunt Jessie, Andy and Angelina's mom, decides to recall a story from Andy's childhood. Apparently when Andy was 8 years old, he had a puppy. Well his mom told him don't bring the puppy inside the house because it will "poop" all over the place. Well one day while his mom wasn't home, he decided he would bring his puppy in the house. Well the puppy went "poop" that day and whad-ya know, my Aunt Jessie had just pulled up in the driveway.

My cousin being OH SO SMART;) decides to get a DISH TOWEL and use it to clean up the dog's mess. Well all would have been fine and dandy if he hadn't thrown the towel back up on the TABLE!! So at this time after he has cleaned up all the "evidence" my auntie comes thru the door and she had bought some chicken for the family to eat. Well she get some chicken grease on her lips and chin. Do you know that she picked up the towel that was on the table. WIPED HER FACE, sniffed it, sniffed it again, and just zeroed in on my cousin, Andy. She told him he had to go pick the switch she whooped him with. lol To add to the laughter he states he saw her go for the towel and just covered his face and was like "uh-oh". So needless to say, no dogs have been let in the house since then.

After a while, people started to leave and soon after my mother and I made our exit. My sister came home later and we are now offically done with putting all the Christmas Decorations back into their storage containers. I hope your Sunday evening was just as pleasant;) Ta-Ta
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