December 9, 2005

So what do YOU THINK???

Good evening.....I am home now after putting in another long day at job #1. Over 11 hours to be exact. For lunch I went to a spot close to the job called Kreiger's Pub and Grill. Around 8:15pm I decided to call it quits and went over to St. Charles to get some of the best Chinese food I have EVER HAD. In fact this is place that my job calls for food when we are in the mood for delivery.

I get home, with my special fried rice, fried chicken, and eggroll. Share the goods with the family and get ready to unwind. That is until my mom asks me to de-vein some shrimp for her. YUCK. Just got done with that task about 20 min. ago. and my hands look so wrinkled.;) Well This evening I received a package that I've been expecting now for over a little bit more than a week.

A company by the name of M80, read my blog and saw that I'm interested in video games. They asked me via email, if I would be interested in reviewing a game, and told them hell yea!!! Now I don't know if this is fate, but the game they wanted me to review I was very close to buying myself a couple of weeks ago. the name of the game is SPARTAN TOTAL WARRIOR for Gamecube. So I'm going to play it to my heart's content and see what I think about it.

I will either write my review on this blog or create a new blog strictly for reviews on different products and idea's. I think it would be an excellent especially since I've been given the opportunity to do so. So for all those companies or people who have products that need a testing especially electronics and anything gadget wise oh and i absolutely love video games and pretty much anything TO DO with video games;) I'm your gal. I'm a big technological junkie and love to know about the latest items and get my hands on them to see how they work. That's why I work at an electronic retail store;) Just drop me a line at and I'll be MORE than happy to put my 2 cents in;) ciou and good night.
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