May 28, 2006

What a dull memorial day weekend (again)

On Friday I worked from 6:45am till 7pm. Not a normal shift I assure you, just enough to make up for some lost hours. I was suppose to have a hair appointment at 5pm, but my beautician unfortunately forgot that I was suppose to go in, so I rescheduled. I called my mom to make sure that she was okay at home since her school had already let out for summer break. She informed me that she was making Fried chicken and fried fish. Now that JUST's great especially for someone who is on a diet. So I decided that I would indulge for today and have some chicken. I have such a huge weekness for chicken in any form as long as it's cooked;)

I know that X-men came out on Friday, wanted to treat Carlos as a late birthday gift, but once I got home I stayed home. I was hoping to possibly take him out on Saturday but unfortunately I didn't know that we had a god damn truck last night that I had to help put up. I didn't clock out of that sucker until 11:20pm. Defintiely not a fun night. So i just decided to go home and get some rest.

So now it's past 6am, I've been up since 5am since my sleep was interrupted by some weak ass soft porn shit that just happen to be on the cable channel that I went to sleep on. The fake moaning and groaning woke me up so now i'm like okay hopefully I can get back to sleep before I wake up again and have to go pick Danielle and take her to work. Then I come in at 3pm and close it down. Also have to work on Memorial Day from 2pm to 7pm. So it looks like I won't get a break at all. I'm starting to get really tired of Best Buy. It's just not fun like it used to be to me. I just dread going into that place at all times.

Also on a seperate note, for some strange reason our Storm Front Door just shattered. Don't know why, my dad was outside and he saw it for himself. I took pictures of the strange ass thing so my dad could take the pictures up to the Home Depot off of highway 40 and Hanley. since this is the store that we bought it from.

my right leg is still giving me some trouble. Yep the same leg that Mr. Lynne, my fellow racquetball player, rolled over on close to 2 weeks ago. I might go the hospital and ask for an x-ray to see what's going on. I get annoying shooting pains every now and then whether I'm standing or sitting. Damn't I want my leg back to normal already. I also have to deal with a traffic ticket issue i just remembered I had, by I think, June 10. Yep this is SO not going to be an easy next 3 weeks. oh well
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