May 18, 2006

update so far on THIS week

Sunday - Had to work at job #2 (YEAH!) NOT!!!!!!!

Monday - It rained like cats and dogs so I wasn't able to go workout and play racquetball like I normally do so I went to the gym and worked out for about 2 hours.

Tuesday - I had work as usual at job #1 but I knew I was in store for a treat later on that evening. I hooked up with Danielle, Kamina, and Larry for the Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. Finding good parking wasn't the hardest part, it was trying to parallel park that was the big bitch for me. I ended up getting frustrated as usual and getting out of the car so Kamina could do it. Needless to say I don't really care to manuver a car into tight spaces. I still don't know how I ended up getting my license.

We had some really good seats and as usual we made sure that we sat underneath with some cover. Game was going okay until it started to rain at the top of the 7th inning. Needless to say it kept pouring for over an hour and while we TRIED to wait it out we watched 3 other games on the big screen to pass the time, I started to go a tad bit nuts and walked around till my friends found me and we decided to bounce. Well as we are in the car we hear the game started back up again, boy you talkin about a pissed off CHICK!!!!! So I dropped Mina off at home. Then took Larry and Danielle to the Schnucks off of Lindell so they could do some shopping. Dropped them off at home and then took my ass home.

Wednesday - Did double duty today. Worked both jobs, dad dropped me off at job #1 but my mom had to come get me from there and drop me off at job #2 as well as pick me up later on that night. Nothin really spectacular.

Thursday - Well today I got to work a lil bit late. My sis was having some drama with her "man friend" I don't even know what to call him to be honest. So I had to go handle a situation down in the city and get something and take it to her job since they were fighting like cats and dogs over the phone today. So I felt I would feel more comfortable if I went and dealt with the situation so i wouldn't worry about her. So I got the damn CD changer and took it to her job and then headed out to my own damn job.

Well I get there around 10am and I'm nervous because I knew that a good co-worker/friend of mine was possibly going to be fired but thank god, her job was saved. I stayed at work until 6pm and then went to the St. Louis Mills Mall. I originally had plans to meet up with one of my best friends Amy for some dinner at Maggiano's across the street from the St. Louis Galleria, but plans came that she had to do for her wedding and I told her that I didn't have a problem going out at another time. So we decided we would hook up on Saturday later on in the evening. It was best since I have a 7am meeting at job #2, and want to get in some racquetball afterwards, oh and also a wedding to attend for a high school friend (Laura and Joe). Doesn't my Saturday sound busy to you?

So instead of hooking up with Amy my girl Tiffany calls me and asks if I want to go the movies, you know from my previous posts this is my road dog when it comes to movies or whatever she's pretty much down for it. So she meets me up at the Mills and we go see POSIEDEN. It was very good and I was impressed. I know a mutual friend of ours was married this past Saturday and she told me that the wedding and reception were great. She told me that everything went fine without a hitch and I'm really happy for him, his new bride, and newborn son. Yet when I see Mike I will get on his head for not responding to my text message on where they were registered. Yet he probably was so busy with the wedding he forgot what a cellphone looked like. Oh well no biggie, I just want to wish them happiness and joy. Congratulations!!!

Friday - Ok i'm not a fortune teller but I DO know what is going to happen somewhat. I'm going to go to work and get paid my check. Then I'm going to go pay some bills and then meet up with a friend for some racquetball and then who know's what;) I guess you can tell that I'm really started to get addicted to racquetball, MAN it is a kick ass sport and i give so many props to people that play it. i would play it everyday if I could BUT I can't.

p.s. - i was going to go to the gym tonight but I was like fuck it, I'm too tired so I'm just going ot make this a "rest day" and just kick ass on Friday and Saturday. Ok then, I'm out and I'll try to make my posts more frequent instead of once a week. I am SUCH a slacker. Oh and for those who have been emailing me about when am I going to continue my story in SINSUAL PLEASURES, fear not I just had to take a break about writing about sex so much, when you haven't had any in over 5 years, you tend to get a tad bit grouchy. lolol take care and good night.
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