February 16, 2006

A day to relax before the big day

well , the day before my birthday. 2 weeks ago I took off the 16th and the 17th from work. Decided I need to treat myself and just GET AWAY!!! So I started off my day by rushing to 2 TJmaxx stores to get out some layways as well as put one in. lol I swear the cycle never ends. Afterwards I go to West County shopping mall and head to couple of stores. My main one was Torrid, where I found my outfit for this evening. Afterwards I went home and chilled out so I could get some rest and go the nail shop later on that evening. The weather was really weird, especially when a strong rain hit us still with the sun out yet with a few dark clouds. I liked it so much I actually just stood out there for a while and held my arms over my head. I didn't care if anyone some thought I was mental.

Later on around 7pm, I went to the Nail shop and had a manicure and pedicure. For those curious the color I picked was a lavander shade, because I just LOVE purple. lol Yet I wanted to pop the lady upside the head who did mine because she cut my cuticle just a tad bit too far on one of my fingers and I think also on my feet. so You know I made a mental not of NOT having her do me in the future.

Apparently while I was there Kamina, had called me to talk. I returned the phonecall and went to her place where we talked, watched tv, and just chilled out. It was really nice to just hang out with her and watch cable. Speaking about cable why did my tv on the 15th, stop working? I called charter (my cable company) because out of all the damn tv's that have cable, mine was the one for some strange damn reason will not pick up any channels except the DISNEY CHANNEL. i am offically in hell. Don't get it twisted I love the Disney channel I've only watched Beauty and the Beast 6 times so far on my VCR and 40 year old virgin around 3 or 4. Kinda lost track after 1. Well apparently there is STILL an issue so you know what the rep told me at 11:45pm? We will have to make an appointment and the earliest day anyone can come out is Feb 25, WHAT THE FUCK!!!! You know how you have one of those out of body experiences?? yea I just had one.

Anyways I'm back at home now just enjoyin the evening and getting myself mentally prepared to turn the big 27. chant with me won't you?
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