September 25, 2015

No Pain No Gain

One of my goals in my life is to improve my overall health and fitness. A few years ago I had been doing boxing and kickboxing and I loved it but the distance was too much so I had to quit. I also had taken up a project back then to walk various parks throughout Saint Louis but eventually had to stop because of an injury and even when I thought about taking it back up I realized that unfortunately with the rise of foolishness with people trying to hurt and rob people I was like uh-uh, forget about it. So I felt I needed to find a personal trainer, one that would give me a workout I would enjoy but also push me to the point that I would possibly reconsider updating my WILL. I wanted that type of challenge.

So one of my best friends informed me of a trainer that she goes to and gave me his information to check him out on Instagram and Facebook. He goes by the name Perry Merlotti and I decided to contact him a few days later to ask about his program and to see if I could join up on the next session. I originally had hit him up on email and didn't hear anything back so I decided to hit him up on Facebook and received back a quicker response. He informs me that I can join the next session which was this past Thursday at a gym called FUEL Strength and Wellness Studio off of Clayton Road with the group class starting around 6pm. So I chill out at work watching a Volleyball game in the big gym until it's time to leave. Yet on a side note I saw an old Wellston Co-worker who happen to be refereeing the volleyball games so I spoke with her a kicked it for a few minutes before the matches began.

So around 4:45pm I decided to jet from work and make my way to run an errand and grab something to eat before my session. I arrive at the building and was concerned because on the front it says FUR CENTRE, but when I walked around I saw the FUEL sign and entrance. So I go in and see Perry working with a client. We exchange introductions and I take a seat until it's time to start working out. Some other ladies come in later on who are also a part of the 6pm session and they are chatting it up and then Perry introduces them to me.

dumbbell bench press

He then sets up the various workout rotation stations. I started out on the TRX straps and the other ladies took other stations. We did each station for around 30 seconds non stop with 2 minute breaks. We kept repeating this from 6pm to 6:45pm. While I was on dumbbell bench press Perry had me go up in weights a few times. So by the end I was maxing out on 25 pound dumbbells. The other ladies in the group were staring at the dumbbells and then at me like WTF? LOLOL What can I say, I'm a strong woman.

So after our session was over I told Perry how much I really enjoyed the class and that I would definitely be back next week and also was interested in a meal plan that would help shed the weight that I want to lose. So he is going to work on a meal plan for me and I so excited. So I will be seeing him Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm to 6:45pm and then on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays go to my regular gym, Planet Fitness and walk the treadmill and do some other exercises but not as strenuous until my body really can adapt to it.

The funny thing is when I left the FUEL Thursday evening I wasn't in any pain. I just chucked it up to me already going to the gym 5 days a week already for the past 3 weeks. So my body must already be used to the strain. So even Friday morning I was still doing ok. Yet by 2pm Friday afternoon, my body started to feel the effects of the Thursday workout (Thighs, arms, stomach, and back were sore) and then I had a slow smile on my face like YES!!!!! So Yea I know there is an old saying, "no pain, no gain" with this workout, I'm looking forward to it:)

Perry does encourage newcomers so if you are interested in attending the group sessions just know that they are $20. Hit him up via Facebook messenger and he will get back to you.
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