September 17, 2015

To Be Priceless

This evening while on STLCC-FLO campus (STL heads know what I'm talking about) I came across this penny. Lord knows it had seen better days but it was facing heads up. Now I'm not the crazy superstitious type. If I see even a penny facing down I'm picking that sucka up. When they say every penny counts, they aren't lying, especially in this economy. As I was holding it in my palm I couldn't help but think how much of a beating it has taken and still it is ar...ound, it still has survived. It still has purpose. While on campus I was thinking about what I've been through and I'm still around. I've taken one hell of a mental and emotional beating and I still have survived. Don't get me wrong, I still have my battles, maybe not every day, but I have them. Yet I'm learning how to fight back. I might be rough around the edges, but I still have purpose.


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