June 12, 2008

Ok beyond that.....

Ok so if you read previous post, my dad had a gathering at Harrahs to celebrate his birthday. I arrived late at 6:20pm and everyone was alread upstairs getting their food from the buffet. We enjoyed ourselves and some of the food was good, yet they definitely need to work on their culinary skills. After dad read his cards we all departed and I decided to make a quick stop at my part-time gig to double check the issue that Danielle told me about. So I go there and my email is swamped so I had to pretty much delete everything to make room for more stuff. So it finally came through and I read it with my own eyes and pretty much yep neither one of our names was on the list.

So I called Danielle back and we were talking about it. I stayed there for about 10 more minutes and when I was heading out the door I saw one of my former Express Script collegues and we started to ramble off stuff and we went into my gig and were talking just catchin up. So eventually I left by 9:25pm and finally made it back home.

As far as the whole Wolf Pack thang, I wish them well but in the end I guess it really wasn't my cup of tea. Strangly after work and I left I just shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself, 1 less thang to worry about while being focused on the bigger picture.
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