June 12, 2008

Time to move on.....

Well it's been a strange week. My sister has moved to a new apartment complex that is really nice. Danielle is making the big move and has found a nice apartment for herself. I'm pretty sure other people I know as well are moving.

While I was at home yesterday I received a message from Danielle informing me that apparently that we were no longer apart of the WOLF pack organization from my part-time gig. I asked her what she meant and pretty much she states that an email had been sent out to the members and it was list pretty much asking everyone to make sure that their person info was correct to have their bracelets ordered. She further went on to state that neither one of our names was on the list.

So I'm sitting on my bed just dumbfounded not to mention it wasn't good timing at all because I'm about to go out to Harrah's casino to meet up with family members to celebrate my dad's B-day which was originally on June 6th. I asked her if she is sure because maybe it's a list that we had to add our name to and she told me that it was not the case and pretty much looked like we were not apart of the group.

So as I'm on my way out the house and on my way to the Casino, all I'm thinking about is who made the call to cut me and Danielle from the pack? I think of all the days that I would miss work at my primary job to go to the Wolk pack meetings when I could. I knew I hadn't been to the last two meetings because of commitments at my primary job and I knew that I couldn't get out of them. There were other times I couldn't make meetings but I made sure that I could voluteer my time and help out with whatever was going on.

The really interesting part is that the Susan Koman Breast Cancer walk is coming up and I already was going to voluteer for that regardless. I do that out of love for my mom, not for any organization. So the walk is going to be next Saturday and there is suppose to be a booth that the WOLF organization will have. I will definitely do my part and help out.

In my personal opinion I'm not going to cite racial issues because I don't feel personally that there were any. Yet I will say this, to me there is definitely a lack of respect. If there were issues than I think they should have been brought to Danielle and my attention. I also made it clear that I work as a full-time secretary at a high school, which means that I have to take care of business at my school first. They don't know the hoops I had to go through just to be able to take a day off to attend a meeting. I won't even go into the issue I had to just voluteer that one day back in January for the Women's Shelter.

With me working strictly on the weekends I'm only able to check my email if I remember on two days. Wolf Pack info could have been forwarded to my main personal email address as I had originally suggested back when personal information was being collected. This is my suggestion to the Wolf Pack, if you plan to cut someone loose, at least have the professional courtesy and decorum to delete the people from the server list so they don't find out information that they aren't suppose know and you aren't stuck lookin like an ass, when fingers get to pointing. You should have sent off an email to let us know that we were no longer apart of the pack. At least you can save on jewelry (Tiffany's bracelet) and airfare (Next Wolf Pack National Meeting.
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