June 26, 2008

Sometimes there is sunshine after a storm

This week has been a most trying week to say the least. As u well know, I'm dealing with summer school at my main job, working partime on the weekends and I am taking a course at UMSL. Well in the middle of all this mess my car has become quite the issue more than neccesary. On Tuesday night around 11pm I decided to go to McDonald's near my house to catch a bite to eat since I had been in the house all day studying for my first exam which was deadlined to be taken by 6-25-08 midnight.

So i get to the drive through area and about to make the turn to give my order, and what do ya car wouldn't move. I mean would not budge. So i double check to make sure I didn't put the car in park accidently.....nope. So I turn off the car and turn it back on. Still wouldn't move. So I'm so pissed, embarressed, & frustrated that I just sit in my car in and wonder what the hell to do. So i called AAA and told them my dilema. As I was waiting for them in the car, I put on my hazard lights, turn off my engine, and I'm waving people around me to go on.

So AAA shows up 30 min. later and the guy who was real kind tells me to get out of the car. Well since my driver door is still not working i had to get out through the passengers side and almost slipped on the ground. Appearantly some fluid had severely leeked out from the bottom and the AAA guy thinks it is transmission fluid. So he gets my car hitched and he takes it to my mechanic's place which is on North Hanley and Natural Bridge. He states he notices a hole underneath by the transmission but states he's not sure if that would be the problem.

Eventually he gets my car parked in an empty spot and then takes me home. I inform my dad and in the morning he went up to the mechanics shop and put in a thing of transmission fluid and he told me it ran straight through. So he ended up taking me to work and my cousin who happens to work with me brought me home. Now the killer thang is when my cousin brought me home when I opened the door, my backpack hit my key and BROKE IT OFF IN THE DOOR. I was lucky enough to get the other part out of the door, yet my dad got me a replacement key once he got home.

So by Wednesday evening I'm at home going nuts because I have an exam to take by midnight in my Anthro class and I've been studying like crazy and I felt that I needed to back away from my books and just chill out with some tv. So for the next 5 hours I just chillout, take a nap, and relax my mind. So by 10:30pm I'm ready to take my test, and since it's timed I have only one hour to take it. It's a mixture of mutliple choice and True and False Questions. I get done with the test in around 30 minutes and I double check my answers. Thank god for open book test, yet it still was hard because unless you had read the material beforehand, took the quizzes, and watched the video's you would really be up a creek.

So I hit submit and cross my fingers......I got a 46.5 out of 50. So I was hooting in my room feeling pretty damn good. So I chilled out for the rest of the night and went to sleep.

Next day (Thursday), my dad takes me to work and informs me that the transmission on my car is completely shot. It's worn out and done for. So Bill, our mechanic has to call around to get some prices on how much a new one would be......So I guess I will be without a car for sometime until it gets fixed. Oh well at least I don't have to worry about gas:) Oh and I can just study more.....Oh Joy.....

Oh also quick note on my mom, she and one of her best friend's are still out of town, but appearently there is an issue because the limo that was suppose to pick them up, didn't show up and they are running behind in regards to how they plan on catching their chartered flight....that is of course if they haven't missed it already...if THAT should be the case than she has to buy a ticket back to St. Louis.

The drama oh the drama.
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