June 5, 2008

So far so June

Summer of 2008
by Jasmine W.

Well the kids are gone and so is my crew,
Just sittin in the office wonderin what the hell to do.
The school is quiet and traffic is low,
I'm sitting at my desk wishin i could just go.

Summer has finally appeared,
the cold weather has receeded
Boy what I have in mind,
is a vacation that is seriously needed.

But alas summer school for the job is coming my way,
So sitting back relaxin will have to wait for another day.
So as you can gather I'm bored as hell,
But lets just see what's in store tomorrow, do tell.

So anyway you see that school is out for the high school kids. I've been here at the school and offically am not suppose to be out until June 17th. Yet no has told me if they need me for summer school though. Beyond that I'm in a class for UMSL that will begin in 2 weeks (I think). As far as video games are concerned (yea i know you are asking) I still have yet to break open the plastic on my Grand Theft Auto game and I play little of my Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Now I know at this part you are like WTF? Well quite simply I've become addicted to Second Life that I play on Laptop and all I can say that it's mind boggling. If you've ever wanted to have an alter ego and enjoy your self doing all kinds of wacky and crazy things. Then I highly recommend this site. I can't believe I've never even heard of it before, especially since it's 5 years old. A friend of mine told me about it and I went to check it out and I must say it's crazy. I've already bought a house on the beach and I'm in process of getting furniture for it.....yea CREEPY. Oh not to mention my avi looks hot. hahahaha

So if you have a cpu that will handle the requirements for running it, I recommend you try it out. I guess the next big thing for me to do is stop playing as much to focus on my studies when classes start in 2 weeks. Beyond that I am still working my part time gig and that probably will be my summer for this year. So in a nutshell......BORED.

Hope you summer is better than mine. Toodles
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