May 28, 2008

Memorial day weekend

Saturday - Well this weekend was very interesting. Pretty much I had a morning meeting at my part-time job on Saturday from 7am to 9am. Then had to come back at 4pm to work till close. Yet I did get something out of the deal. There were some close out Klipsch speakers for 19.99 bucks that I bought for my laptop. So when I'm jammin in my room I'll be able to do with style when I listen to the different radio stations through Second Life.

Sunday - I worked (again at part-time) and then later on came back and picked up Danielle after she closed. We went to Applebee's along with another co-worker and just kicked it and had fun. Yet all day long it was raining really hard. So as we were dining at Applebee's, the rain REALLY started going nuts. So we weren't able to leave until close to 10pm. The rain was beatin down so bad I had to take side roads to get Danielle home. I eventually got home and got on Second Life and kicked up till 1 A.M.

Monday (memorial day)- Well since I went to sleep hella late the night before I didn't really plan on getting up before 11 A.M., but of course that would have made SENSE in my house. So my mom decides to wake me up at 9 A.M. but I eventually went right back to sleep and woke back up 30 minutes later. I put the grill on and I BBQ-d some chicken, pork ribs, ribs, snoots, and some turkey burgers. My mom made sweet potatoes, cabbage, cornbread, spaghetti, and some other stuff. Overall it was a great meal and a great day.

Tuesday- pretty much it was a relaxing day EXCEPT that the internet was down also only 30 kids came in for school. So I was pretty much bouncing up off the walls. Yet there was that Tornado scare. So all the students were sent downstairs, yet a few of the teachers along with myself were outside, wondering what would happen. hahaha. Now eventually when I get home I do speak with the Mail-lady and she informed me that she did see the funnel cloud but it never touched down, it was over by Page & I-170.

- Today, again there are about 30 kids at school today. Oh and look the internet is back up. Yippee!!! Funny thing happened though while I was at school. About 4 teachers were pulled over this morning because they were speeding by the same police officer. Apparently there have been complaints that they have been speeding and so the officer was giving out warnings today but starting tomorrow he will be issuing out tickets.
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