May 6, 2008

almost done man!!!!!!!

Well this college semester is almost done for ya girl. I'm done with my Communications course but I still have one more test to deal with in my Geology course which will be tomorrow evening. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Beyond that it's been the same ole grind with main and part-time gigs. As far as a vacation coming for me anytime soon, it doesnt look like it's happening. Normally I am suppose to be a 10-month employee, but apparently the rules SUPPOSEDLY were changed to 11-month. I'm not sure but I plan to find out. Not to mention I need to enroll in a summer class.

One of my best friends from Florida will be in this month. SUPER-EXCITED!!!!! I haven't seen her or her family since last August. Of course I had work at my part-time job this, not really any drama to report there. Now at my MAIN job, that would be different, but to me if there wasn't any drama, than I would probably be asleep at my desk.

Yesterday I went to Target to picked up some things for the house. Ran some other errands and then went to UMSL (my college) to get some studying in. So in a nutshell, MY day was boring overall. Believe it or not if you read my previous blog entries.......I can be quite the riot;).
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