April 30, 2008

Trifflin ass day yesta-DAY!!!!!!!

Ok I don't even know where to begin with the freakin fisaco yesterday. So I'mma start with the cream of the crop.........well I guess it depends on if it floats..... One of my teachers yesterday called me on my extenstion and told me I needed to get to her classroom ASAP. I knew something was wrong when she called me by my first name.

so I dashed upstairs and I smell this nasty order and she is on the outside of her door holding it close. She informs me that someone took a dump and peed on her seat. i didn't believe so I had to see it for myself. YEP sure enough someone did do the nasty deed. Also that day a teacher and student almost came to blows because the male student went into the teacher's classroom and proceed to try to choke a female student out oh and did I mention it was his girlfriend.....Ike and Tina......Ike and Tina.....

So today the teacher in question who was left the crap in the seat came into today and quite frankly I was surprised. I told her yesterday I would understand if she called off and she sure was thinkin about. Yet she took the high road and wrote a letter to students in her class letting them know that she is here to stay and there is nothing they can do about. I of course told her that she handled it with class, but I'm pretty sure I would have pulled out a can of whoop ass.

Update on school. I have a science test on May 7, so pray for me and then of course I finally was able to do my paper for my communication class and as we speak my dad is proofreading for me. It really helps when you parents and relatives who happen to be geniuses.

I just came back into the house after chillin out in the back yard for an hour. The weather is just simply amazing and it couldn't be any better. well I hope you are enjoying yourselves. I'm about to log on to Second Life and kick it at the Junkyard Blues Club. Peace Out
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