April 8, 2008

hey hey hey

Well this past week has had it's ups and downs. Well to start off that Science test that I thought I did well was NOT a highlight. Yet I found out from other people in my class it was NOT a highlight for them either. So that really sucked......MOVING ALONG My other class I'm still doing okay.

On a brighter note My Kansas Jayhawks, brought the fire last night in one of the most amazing games played in my eyes. I was jumpin on my bed after the OT session. Now tonight the ladies are going for the title and even though I have not kept score and I have it recorded on my DVR I refuse to check who has won and I'm gonna wait until I get home and watch the game for myself to see the results.

Work is at both jobs. I go I clock in I work and then I clock out. This Thursday I made plans with coworkers like 2 weeks ago to get some drinks and then go to the Moulah Theater to see a moivie called Leatherheads. Then on Friday I have to be at the main job for Parent/Teacher Confrence. That will be from 11am to 5pm, but I originally had a hair appointment so I'm like WHAT IN THE HELL AM I GONNA DO!!!!

In just one month my girls (Kai and my god-daughter) from Florida will be here and I miss them like crazy. Looking forward to it.;) Also met a guy a couple of weeks back and we have been talking on and off just figuring each other out. I swear it's the most I've used my Sprint phone in well......ever since I've had it. He seems pretty cool and we have a lot of interests. We were suppose to hook up Sunday night but our signals got crossed, he wanted to hang out last night but I was too tired from all the excitement I generated watching the Men's basketball game so maybe this weekend we might hook up.;) You never know. It's kinda weird going back out on hanging out with a guy scene. I need to do it more often huh?
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