March 31, 2008

This weekend

Well this weekend was pretty nice. I had work on Saturday and I didn't have to be on the sales floor. I just had to man the phones and check product. I must say it was quite relaxing except for the customers calling back to back like it was Armagedon. Overall I was off at 5:30pm and took myself HOME to chill out. After getting home was playing around my mp3 player and it wouldn't load up my songs already installed on it when I hooked it up to my cpu. So I immediately get back in my car and rush back out to my part-time job and do a swap. Afterwards I went to Hooters and grabbed a quick bite to eat then made it back home by midnight.

On Sunday we had a women's event to sponsor the Nintendo Wii at the Fairview Height, Il location. Our District's WOLF pack was there to help with the festivites. Danielle and I drove out there and arrived by 11am. When we got there the security guard was too funny and a big ass flirt. Danielle kept teasing me about his behavior every now and then while we were there. The event started around 1pm so to help with the event we put out price tags on certain items. We had about 50 of them in stock and we were doing demo's with the kids and parents to show them how easy it was to use and play. Overall the Wii's sold out within 30 minutes. They had giveaways to spas, a gps tracker, and then finally a Wii.

We cleaned up our area after the event was over after 4pm. We then converged on Lottawatta Creek Resturant and had a great time just talkin. We all left around 6pm and I took Danielle to the Walgreens in the area to get some cold medicine. Afterwards we raced back over the Missouri states lines where I took Danielle back home and then finally made it back home myself which was not until 6:45pm. when I got home I did some studying for a test and played some Rainbow Six Vegas 1 on my xbox 360.
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