March 16, 2008

When times change....

Wthin the past 2 weeks my eyesight had been making some weird changes to the point that on Friday night I had to take out my contacts because I couldn't see anything but a blur in the left eye and my right eye was not far behind. After picking up my dad from the airport Friday night I went home and took out my contacts to give my eyes a rest for wearing them so long.

So you couldn't begin to imagine my nervousness when I put on a regular pair of my glasses Saturday morning right before going to my side job and still couldn't focus on anything far away and not to mention couldn't even read anything up close. I told my dad he needed to drive me to work and when I got there informed my supervisor that I couldn't see or focus on anything so she just put me on the phones for the day. I managed to call Lenscrafters and get in an appointment for later on that afternoon which having to leave work early and have my mom pick me up.

So after my mom picks me up we go to Saint Louis Galleria so I can make my appointment. I check in and they have me being examined in no time. After the results I find out my eye prescription has changed major and I appreaently have a stigmatism in both eyes. I originally had a prescription of -2.50 in both eyes for at least 5 years. Now they have changed drasticlly to my left eye being -3.50 and my right eye being -2.75. So I go back into the lobby and just sit there thinking about all the nice frames I have at home (at 8) and how much it's going to cost me to have them converted over to my new prescription. Plus all the different style contact lenses I had in various colors are now useless. Not looking forward it. So I talk it over with my mom and she states right now I need to get contacts so I can see PERIOD. So we inform the receptionist that I'll get contacts. So they get me fitted and I walk around them in. They seemed ok at the time but now that it's Sunday and I've had them in overnight, I think my right eye needs some twinking because I still tell a faint blurriness when looking around. Not to mention when I go back within a week to verify how they are working they will order me a years supply that was worth......drunroll......$380 dollars. That just sucks

Now back to being at work yesterday. I had to be there by 7:30am for a training and while I was there I had a one-on-one with my supervisor and my main manager. We talked about my progress and I had to sign this agreement in regards to how as an employee new standards were being put in place as well as old ones being re-established. It was something all the employees will ahve to sign eventually. I was listening to the feedback from my supervisor and my manager. For me personally I didn't mind what they had to say and I understood their expectations. Yet afterwards while I was answering the phones I kept replaying how much this store has changed.

I remember getting to work and being to enjoy helping customers and speaking with co-workers and just enjoying yourself. Now I feel it's an environment where they want you to be a robot in a way. I have a way that I interact with customers. Idon't like having to follow a freakin list of expectations. I'm not personally comfortable having to dive into someone's personal life to find out what makes them tick. If they want to tell me, it should be because they want to release that information, not because I'm having to ask them or in my opinion being nosy.

I use to enjoy coming to the job and knowing that we aren't commision and letting our customers know that we are here for them. Yet with everything changing I feel that even though we still aren't commision, management expects to jump on the customers back to make them want to buy as though we are. I simply don't like that. I enjoy interacting with customers but I'm not about start playing charades or go into a standard set of twenty questions to annoy them into buying. I have my ways of helping people and if the customers I help are pleased enough to come back and ask for me, then as far as I'm concerned I'm doing my job.

When you feel as though you are under a microscope from your job and feel you are constantly being watched sometimes you wander if the grass is greener somewhere else....and is it time to cut ties with pasture your currently trimming. Time will tell.
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