March 19, 2008

spring break - day 3

Ok so today nothin really to say on this day except I woke up and played some Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360 for a hot minute. Mother and I spent the day together and did a lil window shopping, then bought, and then got something to eat. Crazy thing happened though when i got home my mom checked my receipt and noticed they over charged me on my food. So I went back out there and they just gave me some food to apologize for the inconvience so I took it back home and by then I realized that today was WEDNESDAY and that my ass had school within less than 1 hour. So I called myself trying to get a nap which unfortunately turned out to be a damn good sleep because I overslept and missed my damn class. So after I woke up around 7:55pm, I went out to the Mills Mall because I needed to go to Old Navy to stock up on some attire and then took my ass to my present location, UMSL. Gonna try to get some studying done before the SSB Lab closes by Midnight. Not to mention my apologies Danielle, didn't realize it was a school day until I checked my calendar. Will holla at ya.

Also got a text message from my girl Tiffany today and she gave me a heads up that a mutual friend of ours Mike wanted to get together this Friday and kick it. She got accepted into the Police Academy and yesterday was her last day at her present job. I texted her back that I was definitely game and to let me know so we could hook up. Since this week IS spring break I want to get in as much fun with as little sleep as possible. You know the drill;) The lady has spoken. Ta-Ta.

Oh and quick shout to my former elementary class school mate Glenn, he has a new Baby boy!
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