March 13, 2008

Racism on Xbox 360 Live

what's up to everyone. I hope you are having a good night. I was up until I started playing xbox live 10 minutes ago.

Today I had work and afterwards hooked up with some of my co-workers from my main gig and we went to a co-worker's place to relax and enjoy ourselves before we left to go to the Moulah theatre and watch 10,000 B.C. Overall weird ass movie go see it if you want to.

After we parted ways I decided to go home and get on Xbox live and have some fun like I normally do. Of course I was playing Call of Duty 4 and was enjoying myself until about 10 minutes ago. I was in a Demolition game with 7 other people and I noticed some of the language that was being used. At first I was ignoring it because I'm like whatever it's online and they aren't directing it to me so I just chose to ignore them. Their stupid comments about how rappers are a bunch of stupid poets and then they started talking about how niggers need to die.

Then they made a comment towards me but my microphone was turned off on my headset. I turned it on and asked them what they said again. All of a sudden I'm hit with all racist comments about me being a nigger bitch, cunt, black pussy, and just all types of negative words. Of course I retaliated and said my share of words back to them. then of course I just started to laugh at them and kept playing the game. Then they started talking about if they were the Klan and what they would do, I finally was tired with the bullshit and as the game ended, I immediately left the lobby of that game to try to join another.

All of sudden I'm bombarded with requests to be my friend, messages, voice chat's, and silly me I didn't bother to check the names while I was in the game. All of sudden after I accept an invitation to play a game the same assholes are continuing to harass me. Still calling me deragatory names and I just finally put in complaints on all of them. I then take a break from the game because it was pissing me off even though it shouldn't have.

After putting in the complaints I blocked further communication from them as far as voice chats, messages, and hopefully anything else. As I'm writing this post, my hands are shaking because of how upset this stupid incident has made me. I don't understand why some people just have be a bunch of dumbfucks. If you don't want to play with me simply because I'm black and a woman, then go find some other place to play. I didn't ask to play with the fucking idiots. Oh and just so you know who I'm talking about should you have the misfortune of running across the bastards on Xbox Live, their gamertags are: Count Ronaldo, Zwenegade, and BOOMER159.

Oh well back the lobby, hopeful I can get into another game with having to hear from them again.
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