March 20, 2008

spring break- day 4

well today wa similar as the others. Woke up late and did some studying around the house. I then decided after going between studying, watching tv, and napping to go to Barnes Jewish Hospital to go play some raquetball. I have been away too long from my sports and its about time I get back into the swing of things.

After playing for a hour I get back home yet as I'm on Lucas Hunt about to turn to Natural Bridge a cop is behind me and I'm thinkin damn, I really need to put those tags on my car. Luckly he turned around after 5 minutes and once i got home i FINALLY changed my tags so I won't have the same trouble anymore.

I then go in the house to chill for a minute before heading out again to restock my mom on some pills she's taking from GNC and she of course wants something to eat from Penn Station. So I warp to the Galleria and gat my items and then as I was walking around I saw one of my best friend's brother, Orlando and we ended up talking and walking the mall for about 30 minutes. Talking about technology, video games, the whole nine yards basically.

Afterwards I call Penn Station to put in the order on my mom's food. Get there to pick it up and then head home to do more studying. I was able to get one assignment done from my Communications class and was able to get my study guide almost in order for my Science class.

I also forgot to mention that this evening brought out a beautiful moon this evening that simply looked stunning to me. Once i got home i originally sat on my steps and just gazed up at the moon wondering who else was looking at beautiful sight. The clouds that were passing by made for a great photograph, if I only just had the camera.
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