April 25, 2008

Make it an Italian and Salsa night!!!

Well yesterday I had work as usual but later on that evening I was meeting up with co-workers from my part time meeting at a Restuarant called Bar Italia in the Central West End. I picked up Danielle from her house because she only lives 5 minutes away and we found some parking and did you know I am starting to get the hang of the parallel parking thang? Good for me. So we had to park on Euclid because the street was just packed with cars and there was any way to find a closer parking spot. So we finally make it to the resturant and we are greeted by our GM and some other coworkers from other stores. I also noticed that a former RK alum whom I didn't care for in high school happen to be a bartender. So by the time our full party was assembled there were around 20 of us and we ended up eating upstairs.

We had a grand ole time talking about work, personal life and of course the reason that we were there to begin with. Our District wants to make our Pride pack offical so we were talking about the different positions that we available as well as our intentions for participating in the Pride Fest coming up this Summer. So with the food, drink, and ambiance we had one hell of a time. Of course ya girl had a few drinks and I was so lit I was looking at cars going by left and right and my co-workers were laughing their ass off at me. Not to mention my someone asked me a question and I made the mistake of saying I was the princpal and then it tooke me forever to realize I had made a mistake and tried to correct myself. So my co-workers told me that I gave myself a self-promotion and I just nodded my head in agreement.

After the food we went downstairs into an adjoining room and they had salsa night going on and this couple was just getting DOWN. I was like damn I really need to get back in shape so I can learn how to dance like that. So we ended up dancing and having a great time and didn't leave until 11:15pm. I dropped Danielle off at home and made my way to my bed and let me tell you something that liquor had me so knocked off my feet that I didn't get up until 6:30am good thing to because I had around 40 minutes to get ready and be there.

Then by the time I get to work today. I'm still a bit out of it and had to put my head down on my desk. Oh well it's about 12:45pm and I must say I'm feeling MUCH better now:) LOLOLOLOL
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