April 23, 2008

a 2 piece punch I wasn't expectin

Well this past Tuesday and today have dealt me some serious blows. One of my elderly cousins on my mother's side died yesterday from a massive heart attack. What scary is that while I was at work I clutched my chest because of some chest pains and I thought to myself that something was wrong and just not with myself. So I kept thinkin about it until I got home and was taking a nap. My younger sister calls me and lets me know the bad news. I feel so sorry for my cousin Jean (his wife) because she just lost her older son a few years ago and now has to deal with this.

Then today I had work as usual and when I got home my mom informed me that another cousin (again on my mom's side) who was in his early 30's and lived in Chicago had finally passed away from his battle from Leukemia. So I went to my room and sat on my bed and just thought damn. Normally when people I die, it happens in 3's. So all I day long I'm thinkin damn I just lost 2 family members within 48 hours. I pray to god for once that I'm wrong and nothing worse happens in the next 24.

So now it's so weird that funeral arrangements are being made in different states. I know definitely I will be attending the funeral for my cousin who lives here, but I'm not sure as well as with my family if we will be able to make the one in Chicago. I always wondering how Tony was doing and the rest of my Chicago family but I hadn't been there since my grandparents passed away back in 1994. I just didn't have a desire to go there anymore. Now with these events having passed I really wish I had.
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