April 28, 2008

what a weekend

Well this weekend was something of a dream good and bad. Good because I was able to have the weekend off from my part time job. Bad because I had to prepare for a funeral Sunday evening and the burial Monday morning. On Saturday I went to work for a morning meeting and was out by 10am. Afterwards I went home and helped my mom get our house ready for family that was coming in from out of town for the funeral. Pretty much I was home all of Saturday without a damn thang to show for it. yippeee.

Now on Sunday by this time, the family had arrived and the funeral was held around 5pm and service was concluded by 7pm. I left with my mom and relatives and when I got back home I changed clothes and a friend of mine invited me over to his place for dinner. So once I got over there, I enjoyed some baked chicken, mixed vegetables, and mac & cheese.

Afterwards he gave me a tour of his new home which was beautiful. We ended up chillin out on his couch in the family room area watching different cop shows. i nodded off a few times but around 11:30pm we parted ways and I went back home to catch some zzzzzzzz's.

Then this morning (monday), my mother, father, and I got dressed and met up at the funeral home along with other close family members to take the body of my uncle to his final resting place. Of course nothing ever goes off without a problem, which was the case this morning. One of my cousins decided to act dumb, so my dad had to chin check her severly. After that we went on to Jefferson Barracks to take my Uncle willie's body home....

After the service some family came back to the house and my mother whipped up some serious cooking. Baked and Fried chicken, green beans, rolls, and some homemade mac and cheese. I left the house around 4pm to run errands and deal with school (umsl) business. I'm at home now and just finished up one assignment for one class. So tomorrow I go back to work, back on the hunt to meet deadlines and back to the crazy insantiy which life.
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