April 14, 2008

Funny thang that happened this past Saturday

You know what I have such a bad memory I forgot the FUNNYthing that happened this Saturday. Well I had a morning meeting that day from 7am to 9am and I picked up Danielle so we could both make it there on time. Well afterwards I take Daniell back home and I stay for a lil bit under an hour to help her with something. Afterwards I leave and realize my lights on my car have been on the whole time.

I get in the car, put the key in the igniation and turn......nothing.....turn it again.....nothing.... so I'm like.....shit......I'm stuck......

So remember my dad was going out of town that day for a while and I called the house to see if he had left yet and spoke with my mom and she tells me YEP he's gone. So I call AAA and inform them of my situation and ask for a jump. A guy gets out there within 2o minutes and he is just such a nice guy and proceeds to tell me that my battery is offically dead and the only thing that can be done with it is give it it's last rights.

So here comes a bigger dilema, what do I do? The AAA guy informs me that he has batteries on his truck but here comes the bigger kick.......they cost $113 dollars. I'm like.....huh....yep I'm royally phucked. So I call Danielle in the house who has yet to realize that I'm still outside of her house to see if she has change for 20 bucks. Because thankfully even though I had cashed my check from my main gig I had yet to put it in the bank. So unfortunately Danielle didn't have change and neither did the mailman or neighbor across the street.

So I got a new battery, told the guy to keep the change and was finally home about 2 hours later after that ordeal. When I got home I told my mom about it and she looked at me as though I grew another head and asked what in the hell was up with a $120 car battery? I told her that the guy informed me that it had a 3 year warranty and an addtional 36 months some other crap warranty. When I my dad finally made it back in town I told him what had happened and he had the same look on his face that my mom had.

I guess car batteries shouldn't charge so much. But damn if my car doesn't get up better than it used to....vroom vroom. hehehehe
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