April 15, 2008

An evening out

Yesterday I had school at UMSL, after class I went to the Library to use the Computer Lab area. Before school I had gotten a few calls and text messages from the guy that I had met earlier a few weeks ago on campus. He asked my plans after class, I told him nothing for real and wanted to know if we could meet up at the Library to meet up with him. Now mind you my class is done by 8:10pm. So as I'm chilling out I am on watching some Dave Chappelle skits, checking email, and also downloading latest study guides from for my science class. By 9pm I become just a tad bit annoyed. I hadn't heard back from him except for a few text messages stating that he was on his way. the last one had said I'll be there in 5 minutes....that was 15 minutes Im looking at the clock as its hitting on 9:30pm.

So...I'm thinkin....ok he is not anywhere near so I'm just gonna go home. As soon as I'm walkin out the he comes. I told him he got lucky because I was about to go home. So he apologizes and he asked if I had eaten yet and I told him no. So we decide to leave my car up at UMSL and we end up driving all the way out to Bridgeton to Culpeppers. We sit in a curved booth area in the back and I make a run to the ladies room and aske him to order me a Sprite.

So I'm in the ladies room looking at myself in the mirror and I just bust up laughing. Don't know why maybe it's nerves or simply just don't have a phucking clue. So I get myself together and make my way out to the dining area. I take a seat and luckly we have a tv in the area and we conversate between the different sports and other subjects. Our waiter comes over and takes our orders. I order Toasted Ravioli and he orders some buffalo wings.

As I'm watchin the TV, I notice my hair is moving.....and not by I look over and he asks me if this is my real hair and I told him yet. He makes the statement, "wow that's so rare", I'm thinking why? He states he's not used to seeing black woman with long hair. Now personally I don't consider my hair long. Yet others do, so to each their own. He strokes it a couple of more times and I just turn back to the TV thinking, "Ok" and continue to watch ESPN NBA news. Then he asks me about my eyelashes, he asks me if I have a on a full set or are they real. First off I'm thinking how in the hell do you now about a full set? So I tell him that they are mine. He again is astonished and I just chuckle to myself and laugh.

Then our food makes it to the table. Our waiter had been conversating with us from time to time and we were just joking about how Wrestling is fake but still entertaining, NBA players and their drama, and anything else that would come to mind. As I'm enjoying my toasted ravioli, my friend is trying to make small talk while eating his buffalo wings. Now to me personally the reason I ordered my food because I didn't want to look crazy while eating my food not to mention I've never eaten with this person before so I wanted to minimize as many embarrasments as possible. Small chested.....I am not.

So as we are talking....everynow and them I might catch something foriegn hit me on the side of my cheek from time to time...So I'll discretely wipe it off and participate in the conversation. Not to mention from time to time he would touch my arm and I'm thinking please tell me he did wipe his hands before doing that. Which by the way when I did get home, unfortunately.....he did not. Also another pet peeve of mine is if I just met you, I'm not really into the touchy feeling thing so I do notice he was trying to put his arm around me but I would purposely lean into the table and put my elbows up while still talking to him.

Also sometimes he would jsut simply stare at me....I could be looking at the TV and just know he is staring at me. I would look over at him and ask him if he is okay and he would say, " I think you are just so beautiful". I would say thank you and look right back at the tv.

Afterwards we left and he asked me questions about the guys in my past (How long had I known them, what happened between us, if I still spoke with them or thought about them, and other questions). I answered them honestly and he kept nodding his head as though he understood and then he took me back to my car. I told him have a good night and I drove home. Got there around 11:30pm. He seems to be a cool guy but at this time he seems as though he would just be a good friend. Yet you never know right?..
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