November 15, 2012

STL Lose to Win Fall 2012 Challenge: Week 10

Ok so by this time you should know the drill by now. This morning I went to my weekly weigh in location and I went up .5 pounds. Now you think I would be upset but honestly I'm not.  I still have not gotten back into my regular swing of things as far as exercising,, even though I did go a few days last week and my eating still is not back on track. So to know I haven't gained a whole pound but just half is rather shocking. Now that Thanksgiving is coming up I'm just trying to setup a game plan so I don't go all out crazy when THAT day hits.

Won't be thin by then but will tray to maintain.

I really am missing my daily walks at work because the weather is just so darn cold. I'm thinking I might have to start using a elliptical machine to get my exercise during the daytime while at work in the weight room.

Now as far as my walking project for the weekends I did finally get back on track but I didn't go to a park in the Saint Louis County. Instead I went out to Saint Peter's and went to 370 Lakeside Park

It didn't have the nice wood scenery that I enjoy walking through but it was off to my right as I was walking around the lake. It was a bit boring at first so just trying to stay interested in walking was hard for about the first mile. 

Interesting Crocodile Sculpture in the middle

 I wasn't able to get my brisk pace going because a lady in front of me had a German Shepard NOT LEASHED and was playing a game with her pet. Even though I saw other people walking by in the opposite direction I didn't want to take a chance. So I stayed a safe pace away until she took a shortcut back to her vehicle.

Bet you can't see the owner and her dog, I did say I was staying a "safe" distance away

So after that episode I start to get a tad bit faster and noticed a few strange things. First a hunters hut was in the trees, thankfully nobody was in it. 

Trust me that Hunter's hut is there in the trees.....

Then this strange sculpture that looked like a bird that was on a side path. So I ventured closer to it and it was a pterodactyl!

So after taking a few cool pics of that I kept going on my walk. By the time I hit my 2 mile mark, I start feeling rain and it's drizzling. The weather was still nice and comfy and it was cloudy.

But after a while the drizzle became more steady and this structure came into view. I contemplated for a while about getting under to give myself a break but as I came around it and saw the front....well lets just say I had second thoughts and continued on my trek. Something about high voltage items makes me nervous especially with rain involved.

So carried on and came across this interesting sight. How that plastic chair ever became tangled with a tree like that, ya never know. Then I saw the interesting shacks and tractor trailer that had been left out to die. Couldn't pass up the photo ops and yes it was still raining.

So I keep walking more so to remind myself I need to finish and not think about the rain. So about this point I'm at the 3 mile mark.


 So I eventually come to a fork in my path. If I take the left side I will loop back around the lake towards my car. If I take the right, I ASSUME that it is an alternate path that will give me more walking time. So....yea I took the right side and boy I don't know what I was thinking. After walking for quite some time I realize that this path will not take around the lake but instead towards the highway. So I had to double back and make my way back to the fork and take the other path.

another weird sculpture that I saw close to the fork in my path

Once I got back on the right track going around the lake, I saw this photo op and had to take it. It looks so peaceful

Long walk....

Wish I could have stolen some of this grass.

So as I get myself back on the right track. Unfortunately the weather shifts so fast I could feel it and it was not good. The drizzle that had been on and off at this point turned into steady rain and that comfy weather that I had throughout this whole time and turned wicked cold. So I went between walking fast and jogging to get back to my car. By the time that finally happened I was somewhat soaked, my hair looked like jeri curl (No Soul Glowing here) and I was freezing!! I swear the rain had turned to light ice that was hitting me and the wind had picked up and made it worse to deal with. I finally got back in my car and just chilled out for a while as my window shield wipers were dealing with the onslaught of the rain.

That is not sweat on my face and my hair is drenched.

I eventually made it home and that is where I stayed for the whole evening until later on that night when I snuck out and grabbed some sushi for dinner. Don't judge me!! 

 Until the next episode....

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