November 9, 2012

STL Lose to Win Fall 2012 Challenge: Week 9

Yesterday evening I went and weighed in at my designated Curves location and I've started to go back down the scale again, not a whole lot but it is in the right direction. I went down .8 pounds. So almost a whole pound but not quite. Yet compared to last week's 4 pound gain. I'll take anything at this point. I found out unfortunately also that a few of my friends that also joined the challenge with me at the same time are no longer in it due to various reasons. So as far as I know I'm the sole person in our group who is still in the contest.

I will say that I enjoy this contest and I'm hoping that it will be available in the spring. I enjoy the accountability level with having to check in on a weekly basis. Heck I even dusted off my Wii Board and did some activities with it this past Sunday.

I finally started back to the gym this past week. I've done two classes so far and noticed the pain in my left hand is still there and becomes more agitated as I'm punching. So a doctor check up will definitely have to be scheduled. My walking schedule is still not back on track with this crazy ass cold weather. I just don't understand Saint Louis weather. One day 50 degrees the next 71 like today. So I finally realized that I need to go out and get some fleece pants so I can still enjoy my walks but I'm thinking about getting one of those hoods to help while walking in cold weather.Regardless of which hood I pick I'm pretty sure I'll look like a plus size ninja if I ever use the full cover up option....nice...

Hoodz option 1

Hoodz Option 2

Hoodz Option 3

Fleece pants possibility

Awesome guy from R.E.I. holding up thermal hoodie I've got my eye on

Now I'm still as usual trying to perfect my eating habits, but I'm not going to lie its been like a roller-coaster every now and then. Every now and then I have been hitting up the fast food restaurants for a quick snack such as a double cheeseburger with only one piece of bun, but I need to cut that mess out. 
Can't out run bad fast food practices and still expect good results....

 I'm getting extremely bored with healthy food options that I'm having on the regular so I do need to venture out and try some new stuff. One thing I have learned about myself is that I can become bored with stuff when it no longer interests me. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD in HD (Attention Deficit Disorder in High Definition)

Until the next episode....

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