November 24, 2012

Thomas Thanksgiving 2012

This year Thanksgiving was held at my house and the Thomas clan came through to celebrate. Family from California, Illinois, Maryland, Kentuckyand other states came through to convene in Saint Louis, MO. My aunt Ora and a few cousins came in Tuesday night.

Aunt Ora and Mom
 They whipped up some Shrimp and Grits for Wednesday breakfast along with some other foods (scrambled eggs, biscuits, grits, & other breakfast foods). If you have not been able to have this delicacy for breakfast you are not living;)

Shrimp concoction in process - shrimp not added yet

 Unfortunately I wasn't able to partake in the breakfast that morning because I had a nail salon appointment that could not be ignored. Thankfully I was the first one there and in the end I left with a wonderful manicure and pedicure.

So after that I went to the mechanics to get a brake light fixed but unfortunately that didn't happen since they didn't have the correct part so after almost a hour wait. I went back home to chill out for a while.

Eventually later on that evening I leave again to go run some errands and at the end of those errands I decided to get my face waxed at a different nail salon. Painful as hell if you aren't used to it which I am but my skin feels wonderful!

So I get back home that evening at the Thomas clan, well at least those who came, have already made it to the house and are enjoying themselves. Unfortunately I don't have any pics from that day but believe me when I say that good times were had by all.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving day morning. Food was in preparation mode all day long and was finally ready by 4pm. One thing I can say about our holiday get togethers is when it comes to the food in my opinion, our household can throw down on some food.

The  meats:

The sides:

The desserts:

Salads and appitizers:

I helped out with prepping the cheese for the mac n cheese dish.


Even my sister helped with carving up the ham.

So after food is finally prepared for consumption, we gather in the dining room to be led in prayer by my Cousin Austin.

We had a great time enjoying each other, reminiscing about old times and of course the food wasn't bad either;)

 So after the festivities that evening, I took a nap and woke up at midnight to get ready for the Black Friday sales. I went to Best Buy and was there for a while, mainly because I waited in line for my sister in the cell phone department so she could get a new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. So after that I went to Denny's and had some breakfast and then went home. Shortly after I left again to check out some more sales at various malls and didn't get back home until 7:30pm, by then the house was back in full swing with relatives and food aplenty.


Here are some more pictures but taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3 which I will say if this phone could morph into a man, I probably would marry  him because it's damn near perfect. 


I must say I had a blast as well seeing my relatives on the Thomas side. It's been a while since I've seen most of them, over 10 years as a matter of fact. Some of them I remember as toddlers are now grown adults...


Until the next episode....

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