November 11, 2006

An interesting day

Well today is Saturday and i must say that it was a pretty nice day, except for the freezing cold. I went over my Aunt's house to continue the clean up job on her cpu, within 3 hours her system was finally back to normal with some help from a favorite antispyware program of mine. As it was cleaning it's self, I had the pleasure of talking to my aunt in regards to different subjects. Particulary I told her about my incident in high school as I was the unfortnate target of bullying and harrassment from other black young woman at Rosati-Kain. Trust me when I say it does not hold a fond place in my heart. I told her in general about how I was treated at my high school as well as the teasing and other incidents that happened from the all-boy high schools in the area.

I also told her about the incident with the couple snatching the sign up FOR SALE when I was in the Central West End with Danielle. Yet around 1:45pm the cpu was almost back to itself. I said good-bye to my aunt and decided to head to the Galleria. I get there and luckly find a parking spot in the garage. As I went into the mall there was just a huge rush of people getting their done. I decided to go the Torrid store and check out some stuff, but really found a great deal at Lane Bryant, so I put some pants on hold and will go there tomorrow to pick them up. Afterwards I went down to the movie area and caught a 3:15pm showing of BORAT. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE AND JUST PLAIN SILLY. Just the type of comedy I love. After laughing my butt off, I went back to Lane Bryant to try the pants on and i must say I'm loving this certain style of pants they carry called the CHELSEA, point blank it makes my butt look FABOULOUS.

So after being at the mall I finally depart around 6pm-ish and get home to a list of chores needing to be done. I do them and go get something to eat and came home to watch the FULL SAGA OF THE GREATEST MOVIES EVER MADE WITHIN MY LIFE TIME: Star Wars;)
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