November 28, 2006

lil update to last night

Well last night Kai called me and we had a WONDERFUL conversataion about our lives. You know different subjects like love, kids, MEN, among other things. We talked for over a hour. I had decided to go to Applebee's and still was holding my convo with Kai when I finally got to my destination they were already closed for the evening. So since both our cell batteries were about to go dead, we decided to say goodnight. So I drove to Kreiger's instead and watched the football, read a tad bit more of a book that I brought along, and enjoy some toasted ravioli.

Afterwards i went home and fell asleep.

Well this morning, I don't have work, and my mother is unfortunately sick so I'm gonna stay around the house to make sure she is okay. I'll probably put up more christmas decorations as well. hope you enjoy your Tuesday.
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