November 23, 2006

what a thanxgiving week

Yesterday was quite a day. I woke up around 7am to get dressed for my job interview that was scheduled for 8:30am. So I got dressed and trailed my dad out to a building less than five minutes away from the house. Again remember I stated in my previous post that the person was a doctor so I assumed it was a medical office. WRONG. It was actually an educational office and the person who is the superintendent has a doctrine in education.

So my dad wishes me good luck and I go inside. A lady who also works there was informed by my dad while he was driving away that i was there for a job interview. So I go into the building and sign in. The lady who my dad was speaking to comes through the door and tells me to follow her up the steps to the second floor. So I take a seat inside the superintendent's waiting room, where appearantly the lady is his personal secretary. We talk about Thanxgiving food, family, and other subjects.

Well by this time I've been there it's almost around 9:15am and unfortunately the superintendent still was not there. So his secretary calls to another room and she takes me to another room where 2 people were sitting in an office. We make introductions to each other and I sit down. They inform me about the position which is a secretarial job at a high school in one of the districts close to my house.

It would defintiely be a full-time gig and they inform me of some the duties that are required. I become a tad bit nervous because I wonder can I take this position and furthermore DO I want to take this position. Overall we talked for around 20 to 30 minutes. Then we were informed the superintendent was in his office. So someone escorted back over to the previous office and sat in the waiting area.

Shortly I went into the Superintendent's office and we did introductions. We sat at a side table from his desk and then the other 2 people I had the interview with earlier came in and we all were sitting at the table. The Superintendent gave further insight into the position and pretty much when it was all said and done they pretty much (it seemed to me) offered it to me right on the spot, but told me to take some time to think about. I told them I would and thanked them for there time.

I was running late for work that morning and had to call a fellow co-worker to inform that I would be running behind around 9:45am because I was due at work at 10am. I didn't get out of the interview and meeting until 10:15am so as I'm going back down the steps I see this FINE guy already at the sign in area and he was talking to the security guard. So I make my way back to the sign-in sheet so I could sign out. We past each other and we say good morning. As I head out the door he lets the security guard know that he forgot something and has to make a quick run back out to his car.

So he opens the door for me so I could leave the building. I tell him "thank you" and he responds "you are most certainly welcome". I couldn't help but smile. So I make it to my car and he asks me politely why I was there. I told him and wexchanged names. He informed me of a summer camp for teens that he was trying to get together. So he asked me if I was single and OF COURSE I said yes;) So we exchanged numbers and he asked me where I worked i told him and then he informed me that his brother used to work at my location and when I realized who it was (DANIELLE U WILL NEVER GUESS WHO) I was thinking wow genectics from the same parents can have some definitely dramatic results.

So he told me he would give me a call as I was driving to work, but dumb ass me had my phone on silent and forgot to turn it back to loud from the meeting. So I jet to work and was about 30 minutes late. I get there and pretty much it's the usual hussle and bustle. Yet all I could think about was this new job opportunity and how it was making my stomach do flip flops. I'm so comfortable with my present job and like I said I've come to know my co-workers like a 2nd family. You have no Idea how much this issue had been on my mind all day. I told Danielle about it and she told me I should get a gun for protection. LOL

So around 4:15pm I finally am able to take a break before I'm off of work by 5pm. I go to the breakroom and return my mother's phonecall. She asks me how the interview went. I told her and we exchanged comments regarding the job offer. I then speak to my dad and we exchange more comments as well. He thinks I should take it as well as my mom and we said we would discuss it some more when they get back in town. They went to Kentucky to visit 2 of my mother's sisters for Thanxgiving and should be back by Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

So after i wish them a safe trip, I get back to my department and get ready to clock out. When I go check on my Supervisor to make everything is cool with him. Point blank it's not, so ya girl ended up staying until 8:20pm Yet we got alot done and that's what matters. So i left and went home to ponder the decision some more. I opened up a bottle of apple cider and baked some garlic bread. While I was home I was updating my myspace page and my interesting new friend that I met earlier that morning called me around 6 times yet I didn't answer because unfortunately I wasn't in the mood for conversation.

So I promised myself that on Thanxgiving Day I would try to give him a call and I don't know maybe talk a spell.........

Overall today I wake up this morning and watch an episode of Voltron. I am sitting on my bed typing on my laptop STILL contemplating this job offer, thinking about the greenbeans I have to take over my aunt's house for today, watching Madea's Family Reunion on TV, wondering about so much. I wonder if I take this job will I POINT BLANK be able to handle it. I just have so much on my mind that its clouding what I should be thankful for.
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