November 18, 2006

what a sweet weekend;)

Well this weekend has been pretty much a dream. I had work yesterday (FRIDAY) and was able to get off around 3:30pm. Afterwards I met up with my girl Tiffany at the Saint Louis Mills and we went to see a movie out there sponsered by HORRORFEST. I must say that I was a tad bit dissapointed. The showtime that we went to was around 4pm. I do know that different movies, in total 8, were scheduled to play through out the weekend. But unfortunately for us, after seeing the first movie we just weren't that impressed and decided to skip seeing the rest for the rest of the weekend. The mall was pretty packed and we did some walking around.

We made a quick pit stop at the Tmobile store there. She was interested in getting a new phone yet didn't like the dude's additude at the place so we left. After walking around to some other stores she decided to go to American's Electronics across the highway and I decided to visit BOOKS*A*MILLION still within the Mills. I didn't leave until 8pm-ish and made my way home and looked at Voltron from my DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and I dozed the evening away.

Today was a tad bit different. I didn't have work today yet I still was able to wake up before 8am. I went to my old Elementary School Church, St. Ann's to see a close elementary friend of mine, Hannah, to give her my condolences in regard to an Aunt of her's who had passed earlier this week. Amy, one of my best friends informed me this past Wednesday of this incident and unfortunately I was not able to go to the wake on Friday because of previous plans.

After spending time with her and the rest of her family making sure they were okay before the funeral, I had to go back home and go with my mother to run some errands and get back home to prepare some MORE greens, Candy Yams, Sweet Potatoe Pies, and some Peach Cobblers all before Thanksgiving. All I have to say is that ALL of it is a time consuming process. YET I must say it was an interesting lesson overall to learn. Which is why I've added pictures;) I would also like to make clear that I made the Sweet Potatoe Pies by myself and will put the ingrediants later.
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