November 25, 2006

somewhat of a memorable yesterday.

Well yesterday it was everything I expectged it to be. Pure Chaos. I woke up around 2:30am to get myself together for work. I was trying to stop by a McDonalds to get something to eat but then I remember IT'S 3:30am in the morning!!!! What the hell is open besides White Castles and Denny's? So I make my way to Quicktrip so I can get some gas for my car.

I head on out to my job and as I get off the ramp to get to my store, I see this HUGE ASS LINE!!! That stretches from the entrance to the store all the way down to the italian restuarant that is at the end of the shopping strip in our lil area. I drive past and hope to MAYBE see the Jack in the Box down the street open. Uh-uh. So I have to turn around and go past my job again to the Quicktrip that's right down the street to grab 2 hotdogs, a cold frappucino and a hot frapppucino.

I then get back to my job with 10 mins. to spare. I say hi to my fellow co-workers and go to the breakroom to scarf my food down. After I'm done, I race to the front of the store and receive instructions along with my co-workers as far as what is procedure. After we get them, we take certain phamplets outside to the customers. There are only a certain amount and after they are gone, that's it.

So I was in charge of giving out phamplets for a certain laptop and I made sure that I asked everyone in line as I was going down the line until they were all gone. now mind you I only had 20 or so copies of this certain item yet u had over 1000 people waiting outside of our store. Well after I pass out my phamplets I make my way back up the line when I over hear the General Manager tell my Supervisor that she needs 2 phamplets of the item I had because some people in line stated I didn't ask them if they wanted one. BULLSHIT, they were lying, I asked them they said no, end of discussion. So I went inside and informed the GM that they told me they didn't need anything. So I kept going down the line, don't wait till after the fact. It's pretty much too damn late by then.

So the GM is trying to see if we can substitute another laptop for them. Well someone already had looked into the situation and apparently found a suitable substitution. After all that I made sure I was ready to open in my department by 5am. They had ordered a shirt with my name embroidered on it so I changed into that. All the co-workers for my department were there and ready and got ready for the doors to open.

Pretty much when we opened the doors, just a huge wave of people came in. It really didn't die down until 12noon. Yet I was being swamped with questions left and right as well as helping out activating phones, ringing out customers, getting cussed out over the phone because people were pissed about us not matching prices on stuff, you know the regular armageddon after thanxgiving issues.

Well when my shift was FINALLY over by 4:20pm, only reason I didn't leave by 4pm was that I was stuck on the phone doing a stupid activation that was taking forever because the customer service reps were acting like some freaking idiots. So I finally get home and take a nap for about 4 hours. So I wokeup and was in the mood for some Great Cheesecake Factory.

Someone from my MYSPACE page had contacted me stated he was from the St. Louis area earlier this week. He had informed me that he was in town and would like to talk. So as I was checking my Verizon phone I saw that I missed some calls from his cellphone. So I decided it would be nice to actually maybe make a new friend. So I give him a ring and we make small talk. He asked m my plans and I inform him that I was planning to have dinner at the Great Cheesecake Factory. He asked if I would mind some company and I told him no and didn't mind meeting him there. He stated that he wouldn't mind picking me up so I give him instructions to my home.

He gets to my house around 8:45pm and we exchange introductions. I must say he was pretty cute and we make great conversation on the way to the Galleria. We make our way to the bar area of the restuarant and put in our food and drink orders. He is currently living in the D.C. area and talked about when he was attending UMSL and how college life was back then. He isn't too keen on interracial dating among other things. We finally finished up our dinner around 10:30pm.

So we head on back home still talking about different issues, including David Chappelle. We finally pull up to the house and with one hand holding my purse and leftovers I thank him for the evening and give him a hug. He returns the hug and then teases me that I gave him a brotherly hug. So I give him another one and I could tell he was trying to do more than that so I politely turn my head and open the door.

He asked if he could give me a lil peck. So i didn't think any wrong with that. So i closed the door because in my mind a lil peck is a kiss CLOSED MOUTH with NO TONGUE INVOLVED which may be on the lips or on the cheek. So I turn and get closer to him with my mouth closed. He starts to kiss me then all of a sudden pushes his tongue into my mouth. I immediately get uncomortable and try to pull my head back. He then uses his hand to keep my head not only in place but also to bring me closer. I try again to pull back and then notice his hand trying to slowly rise up above my waste. NOW I was really getting nervous and moved his hand away and really moved my head back. I opened the door quickly and told him goodnight. He said he would call me tomorrow and I closed the door. I walked really quick across the street and got in my house and locked the door.

I go upstairs to my 2nd floor bathroom and brush my teeth for about 10 minutes. i then go to my room and undress, change into my pj's and then go back to the bathroom and wash my makeup and take my contacts out. I then go back to my room and call Danielle who was still at work and tell her what happened. Being the sweet person she is she made sure I was okay. I told her I had a GREAT evening but it was shattered for me when he became aggressive in my eyes.

Guys let me give you some words of advice and there are probably some woman that also fit this profile. When you go out on THE VERY FIRST DATE, or even it should be your 50th date with the same woman. Don't you EVA assume that you are entitled to a damn thing. Unless she/he is game and you both are in agreement to what may go down AHEAD OF TIME when you are both out, keep ya hormones and actions in check.

Because of what he did last night I won't go back out with him. Point blank. He violated my space and my trust. Yet what messes me up that up to THAT point everything was gravy and I was hoping to hook up with him again before he went back to D.C. on Tuesday.

My girlfriends get on me from time to time about why I don't date often and why do I keep to myself. Because i don't want to have to deal with that type of shit and point blank I shouldn't have to.

When I got home this afternoon (Saturday) from work, I checked my Verizon phone and he had left me a text message from 6:50am. I read it and took a damn nap. So now I've been up for the past 2 hours. I kept thinking about what happened even while I was at work. Shit like that just shouldn't happen.
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