November 1, 2006

take a moment to breath and relax

Monday night, I was home just relaxin and the girls gave me a call(Mina and Danielle) and want to see if I want to go out for some din-din. I told them I'll pass because earlier at work I got sick and came home early and had been home since then. Afterwards around and hour later I got out of my bed and put some clothes on and went to the Central West End to go check out the house on Maryland Street (read previous post) to see if that asshole of a guy put the sign back on the other lawn, sure enough he did.

So I then do a U-turn back down to Euclid and park my car. I get out and start to walk around. Kai, one of my other best friends from Florida, gives me a call and we end up talkin about different issues. Such as men, weight, me with kids, and other things. It was such a great convo that I had walked from euclid and maryland to euclid and forest parkway by the time we ended our talk. We had a really long heart to heart conversation and I must say it was great. I miss her alot and when we talked that night it felt like she was right next to me.

Yet I will say she did HAPPLY remind me of one event that had happened the night her cousin Billye had gotten married around 2 years ago. We went to a club called PLUSH and we were just kickin it, I think Kamina was also with us as well and this bouncer would not stop looking at me. I was going by him at one time and we made some small convo. We exchanged numbers and I thought that was that, WELL I end up going to the restroom right before we are about to go home, well what do ya know, ole boy is waiting right their when I get out. All he keeps saying is that damn he's been lookin at me all night and out of no where, he starts to kiss me. Not no timid shit either, he planted this big ass kisser and my brain damn near had a melt down. So I match him kiss for kiss and by the time we got done, he just looked at me in awe. I was like WHAT, he stated nobody had ever kissed him liked that. So I told him as I walked away, NOBODY EVER WILL EITHER and gave him a wink and walked away. As I'm walking away he yells out over the music, PLEASE CALL ME AS SOON AS U GET HOME!!!!

Well as I go and find the girls, Kai informs me that she had gone by the restroom to look for me and saw me in my liplock championship bout. I almost just about died!!!!!!!!! Especially because that is not how I operated, so we pretty much came to conclusion that I should keep my liquor intake to the minimum when in public. She teased me about it the whole way home and we were laughing about it so hard on Monday night I figured I would share the story with the rest of ya's.

As we are still talking I end up walking to Applebee's and getting some late night grub. We are still talking having a ball and we end our conversation short bit afterwards. Man we talked for almost an hour if not AT LEAST an hour. So I ate my overcooked Mozerlla sticks and sorry ass fries and made the long treck back down Euclid to my car. I just kept thinking over and over again about what Kai and myself talked about and I just smiled.
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