October 30, 2006

when racism rears its ugly face

Yesterday I went to Harrah's Casino to meet up with my parents who were staying out there for their wedding anniversary. I had to be at work at a 9am.Well Daniell eis there also and we both get off around4pm. We go to Applebee's to have some dinner and then we make it back to her hourse. We chillout there and listen to the new Rob Thicke CD and I must say O"H MY GOD that young man can BLOW!! As we are listening Kamina gets home as well and I thank her for the pretty present she bought me a couple weeks ago but wasn't able to give it to me until today.

Well Kamina left shortly afterwards and Danielle and I were at the house still talkin so we decide to go to the Central West End and go to Starbucks to enjoy some slices of cake and some Strawberriesw and cream frappicino's. After a while we decided to walk up and down Maryland Street to check out the houses and their structers. If we came across one that we liked then we would take a picture of it. Now mind you, it's around 8pm and we are in the Central West End.

As we look at one particular house we notice that their is a FOR SALE sign on the lawn. Danielle takes a couple of pictures of it and writes down the realtor name from the sign. As we go past the house and see a few more on that side, we decide to cross over and look at the other houses. As we are making are way down the other side of the street, Danielle informs me that the man that was sitting 2 houses away from the house with the FOR SALE sign, had gone over to the house with the FOR SALE sign and had ripped the sign out of the ground and then proceeded to take the sign up the stairs to his own house while his wife was standing at the porch.

I couldn't believe it! Yet I saw it with my own 2 eyes. So as we are walking back down the street and look at more houses we finally make it back to my car. As we get right next to it a security car comes racing up the street and CONVENTIENLY makes a U-Turn right past my car. Danielle is heated and states lets just get in the car, I told her know and hold my ground. The security car goes past us and I just take one last look at the house where those ignorant people lived. To think such a beautiful neighborhood held such an ugly fascade. I told Danielle, if I could afford a house on that street I wouldn't buy one. Some places might already have ignorant people living in them, but I'll be damn if I pay a mortgage note to deal with their stupidity.

ALSO for your FYI, the address where the FOR SALE sign was at the address:

4615 Maryland Ave
St Louis, MO 63108

So if you go up 2 houses to a house with dark pillars and seats outside then you will see where the ignorant people live.
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