October 13, 2006


Well of course by now u already know that I'm back in the wireless department at my job. Yesterday i bought sprint phone which pretty much has a free plan and today I received my verizon phone via fedex. Again pretty much another free phone. So as I'm playin with my new Sprint and Verizon phone the first thing I look for is not too good. I don't have a signal at all with my Verizon, my Sprint barely keeps a signal at the house. So I still am mainly using my Tmobile service at the house since that is the only one with 5 bars of strength.

Yet I must say the V-Cast feature with Verizon is on fire. I've downloaded some songs to my Lg -vx8300 and the mp3 sound is so-so but still definitely a cool phone. On the Sprint phone Samsung A640 I like how sleek it is and it does have the Ready Link feature but overall since I have the Boost Mobile which is part of Nextel as well I must say that Nextel still has the best walkie-talkie system still out there.

So overall now I have new toys to play with and it should be interesting
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