October 22, 2006

when a revalation has come to pass.

Right now it is going on 1am and I just got back home from the movies.

Right now I'm on my bed with my laptop wiping away tears from my face.

Right now I am having a revalation.

At this moment I have grasped that some things are just not good for me. I know eating something late at night is not good for you. I have also come to the conclusion that some people aren't good for you regardless of what time it is. You see I AGAIN made plans with the same person who had stood me up in the past, and you know, but OF COURSE you already know. It happened again. So I ended up going to the movies and seeing Texas ChainSaw Massacre by myself and throughout the whole movie I was so pissed off that I really didn't enjoy myself.

Why do I put myself through such bullshit? Huh? Again HE makes the plans that he wants to go out. HE makes the plans that we should go see a movie. HE calls me after I've already made it to the theater, bought my ticket, and about to get my food and states he will be on the way. You know what? Fuck the dumb shit, because I've had a revalation. As far as I'm concern smoke ya bud, drink ya booze and leave me the fuck alone. FOR GOOD. Delete my number and forget that you ever knew me. You have no idea how tired I have become of the same ol-Merry- Go-Round BULLSHIT. To think we didn't talk for 5 years and when we do, it comes back to this.

Unfortunately for YOU, I've come to this revalation. Some people grow wiser as they become older, unfortunately some people just get older and don't have a fucking clue.

You need a buy vowel and figure out the fucking mess. Maybe your Myspace female groupies/friends might like that shit. I just don't simply have the time nor will I waste anymore of mine. You see, you might not think that much of me and my time, but I as far as I'm concern it's pretty damn priceless.

Gas out to the show = $10.00
Movie ticket = $ 7.50
food at the movies = $11.50
Waiting on you to show up = $0
Finally waking the fuck up to reality = priceless.

Fuck using Mastercard from now on I'll just use my god given common sense.
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