October 23, 2006

a day unto myself

Gabcast! time after time #1

Well yesterday I must say was a better day than Saturday night. Yet then again the Apocolypse would have been better than that night as well. At least i would have had something to look forward to. Anyway I had work from 9am to 5:30pm and I must say it was quite workout;) Never the less I went home and changed clothes to go over Danielle and Mina's house to make dinner. Danielle was the only one there since Mina was already out running the streets. So when I got there I prepared Fried Chicken, Sweet Cream Corn, and some Mac and Cheese. Danielle hooked up the Kool-Aid and we chillout and watch the Cardinals get beat by the Tigers last night.

As we were preparing the food some dude called her and she chin-checked him quickly and hung up the phone. She started talking about guys, ones she has talked to in the past and currently, and the issues with them. I just listened to what she had to say. She stated the issues with some guys, NOT ALL, is that they only want to spend time with you when it benefits them the most. Yet when something goes down and they get some type of wake-up call, that is when they want to change their ways. She said in her opinion, FUCK THAT, if you can't be for real and honest the first time around, you just a waste of space. She goes on further to say that if a guy can't love you for whom you are and only wants to compare you to their ideal chick. Fuck it, tell him to be on his way and not waste your time. If he only comes over or calls you because he want's to fuck, he's selfish, if he calls to make plans and changes his mind without letting you know, he's selfish, she just kept naming off all kinds of stuff and I was lookin at her like, DAMNNNNNNNNNNN.

So as we are eating and watching the game I thought about myself and my own dilema. It was informative to hear from a different perspective and I filed away the info the rest of the night as I saw the Detroit Tigers Pitcher - Rogers put his foot into the Cardinals lineup's ASS!!! Oh well the series is back here Tuesday thru Thursday. Hopefully will sweep their asses;) I have work this evening and will shut it down. So I bid you good morning and have a wonderful day.
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