October 1, 2006

the reprival afta tha math;)

Okay so now I should have on a shirt that says, I survived alot on the day of 09-30-06. Reason being there were other festivities going on besides Amy's wedding yesterday. There was also a Cardinals game and THE TASTE OF ST. LOUIS. So pretty much the city was jammed packed yesterday. Yet again I had a wonderful time. So now lets talk about my recovery.

I had work today from 11am to 6pm. I didn't get there till 11:30am and my head (hangover) is still a tad bit sore from yesterday's activities as well as now "mister monthly" has finally decided to show up for a bit of a visit. NOT A COOL COMBINATION. So I'm at my job trying to be oh so professional but alas I just have to go to the back and chill out for a couple of minutes because I think I'm about to keel over.

So I'm chillin in the back when a manager states that my former department needs some coverage. So I cover over there from 3:40pm to about 5:40pm. So my relief comes in and luckly I had brought clothes with me so I change into them and head out to the St. Louis Mills mall. I walk around for a quick second and then make my way to Longhorn for some dinner. i had planned on seeing the new Jet Li movie but unfortunately I was getting sleepy so I headed on home and have been here ever since. I decided hell since I don't have to work tomorrow I will just chillout for the day and go see it tomorrow. Probably will make it a double header and go see 2 martial art movies tomorrow. It's been just that type of day.
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