October 7, 2006

what a week

Well, today I had work and i must say it was alright, got off around 6pm and came home. A cousin I hadn't seen in 12 years came into town and my mom cooked a feast!!! Sweet potatoes, cream corn, corn bread, glorified beans, greans, baked half chickens, peach cobbler, and a spanish cream cake. Not to mention some iced sweet tea. I've already had a plate and I must say the food is simply divine. Yet of course my mother is a wonderful cook and i have yet to meet anyone else who could match her cooking except for her siblings, especially Aunt Ora and a couple of my other aunts.

FRIDAY- Yesterday I didn't have work and Mina came over for a couple of hours to chill out and eat lunch. We also watched a movie called RISING SUN, an excellent suspense with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes. I highly recommend!!! Later on that day I had to take in our Microwave to be exchanged and I picked up Danielle from work. I took her to my house so she could relax and I helped my mom make some fried chicken, baked chicken, and some greens (which were really being prepared for Saturday). So after Danielle and I ate, I took her home and I went to sleep.

THURSDAY- I had work and then met up with a friend later on that evening and we chilled out and relaxed until the wee hours of the morning.

Also note: I have yet to hear from my former job abou the complaint that I offically mailed and they received on September 12, 2006. I do believe one of the 2 envelopes I mailed off was possibly received by the Human Resources person, Tracy Pingel, whom I also had complained against. Yet I have listened to my uncle and he has said to wait> Yet personally I am very close to saying to hell with it and taking a copy of my complaint to George Paz, the President of ESI, PERSONALLY. It's either that or mail off a copy to his personal residence. I hope for those I have complaints against, they have moved on, because with my 13th page complaint they will have alot to explain for.

Oh well, besides that right now I am chilling and relaxing watching MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
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