October 29, 2006

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All past week St. Louis had been watching the World Series just hoping we might be able to crown ourselves the best! What do you know it finally happens!@! Well on this past Friday I had work along with Danielle. We both got off around 4pm and Kamina came up to the job to meet with us. Bridgette, another good co-worker also was working today. We decided to go to Wattabaa Creek in Fairview, IL for some grub. I had to make quick stop home in that cold ass weather to change my clothes.

Mina meets me at my house and we go in 2 cars across the river to Fairview. Kamina goes to St. Clair mall while Danielle and myself make a quick stop at the local Best Buy to chat up with some people. Then we go to St. Clair Mall to meet up withKamina. Wthin an hour we go to Wattabatta Creek and meet up wtih Bridgette and her 2 kids.

So we are all seated and Kamina gets there around 6 mins. later and we all have ordered food. Unfortunately they phucked up my order so by the time my food comes out, I'm not hungry anymore so I just ask for mine to be bagged up. We then make our way to Marshalls and kill some time there before going to the movie htater to go see THE DEPARTED. Didn't get out of there till1AM something. Overall excellent movie and while we were watching it Danille gets the update that we won the Series. So as we drive back over the river across Downtown we still can see people partying like never before.

Overall it was a GREAT NIGHT!
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