October 1, 2006

Fun recap of Amy's Bachlorette Party and Wedding day

Well today is Sunday and I must say that drinking about 4 cranberry and vodka's might sound like a good idea at the time while celebrating a wedding might sound like a good idea believe me it definitely has it ramifications.

Yet let me begin by saying that overall Amy simply looked stunning and I'm pissed that I don't have any pictures to show for it because since I was a bridesmaid, I couldn't get my mom to take pictures because she simply didn't know how to work the camera.

Thursday- Okay so lets go back into the time machine to Thursday, I had the day off and I received a call from Hannah, ol school classmate from elementary times who also knew Amy. She is another best friend of Amy's and they have known each other since pre-school. Yet I've known them both since Kindergarten. Also her cool ass cousin Margaret from out of town was there as well as the maid of honor, Amy's sister, Lisa.

Hannah gives me a call earlier that day to say that plans are still on for Amy's bachlorette party. I make a quick stop to the St. Louis Galleria to pickup a Jeans jacket to wear with my outfit and yes it was cute. ;) We meet up around 8:30pm out at Harrah's Casino where a room is booked for the bridesmaid to chillout and sleep overnight. I wasn't sure if I was going to sleep over just in case something else might have come up,but I did make an overnight bag just in case. We go to the buffet and eat there, ALL U CAN EAT CRAB LEGS YEA!!!!!!!!! So obviously I'm happy right? So after we stuff our faces we go to the Casino area and we walk around to play some coins. I put in a dollar and won $8.29 and I only played 4 dollars back. YIPEEE!!!!

Then I have liquor shot of what-ever-it-was, and I was getting a TAD bit tipsy so we call it a night. So we go up to the room and it's FREEZING inside so I go run to my car and get my bag since obviously I wasn't going leave for any other reason........ I get back to the room and change clothes and go to sleep.

Friday- I wake up around 7:30am everyone else slowly wakes up around 9am. We checkout and head for breakfast off of 270 and Olive to a place called FIRSTWATCH. Food was delicious and not to mention the proportions were HUGE. Needless to say the food filled me up and we parted ways. I went to the Nail shop around 4pm and by 4:45 they still hadn't started on me so I told them that I would back thru later on that night to get a manicure, pedicure, and eyebrows done.

So I leave and make my way to the downtown Radisson Hotel around 5pm for the rehersal walk-thru, even though it wasn't till 6pm I had to make sure I wouldn't get lost;) Everyone is there and ready to start by 6:30pm, yet funny thing........Amy already had gotten the bad news last night that one groomsman was still not in town, he was still in Chicago, MY GROOMSMAN;) so needless to say at the rehersal he wasn't there and her uncle was sweet enough to stand in for him as we did the walk-thru. We are done by 7:45pm and I let Amy know I won't be able to make it for the rehersal dinner since I have to dash back to the Nail shop for my appointment.

So I make it back by 8pm and they started on my feet first, then my nails, and then finished with waxing my eyebrows. So a woman is looking simply fabu:) and did I mention i didn't leave out of there until after 11pm;) whew!!! what women will do for beauty, let me tell ya;) So I go home and get some sleep. I know you are just DYING to know how I had my nails done, well I had them painted in a pretty LILAC color and on big toes I had little roses painted on them;) Then on my hands I had a full set put on in a funky French Manicure way. I have Lilac Tips and then had glitter put over that;) Trust me it's hot;) and the eyebrows......honey I am laserlined to perfection;)

So then after all that I get home and go to sleep.

Saturday- THE BIG DAY:) I wake up around 7:50am for a hair appointment that i have at 9am. I get down to the place and my hair stylst is not up yet so I call her apartment and she comes down the elavator 5 minutes later. She hooks my hair up with some beautiful crimps and I'm out of her chair by 12pm. I go the restroom before leaving and realize I need to do a minor waxing on my upper lip, I don't look like wolfman but it drives me crazy. My friends say they don't see what the hell I'm talkin about but I still get it done regardless. So I go zoomin back to the Nail Shop that i had the eyebrow waxing done and they have my upper lip done in no time flat.

I then leave there and go to the Galleria to get some eyelashes put on to give me more length. Yet then the lady says I can just get my whole face done for free but it would be about an hour wait. So I debate for a couple of minutes because we have to take pictures first out at Forest Park at the World Pavillion location by 3pm. It's already 12:45pm by the time I walk in the MAC store, so I decide to hold out and let them do my face. By 1:30pm I'm in the chair and the lady has me looking simply GORGOUS:) I'm out the chair by 1:55pm and back home by 2:10pm. I take a bath and get prepared for the wedding.

So I'm done with my bath and I get all perfumed and lotioned up so I'm not ashy. I then have to put on this contraption called a SPANX, don't ask, because either you know or you don't know. So I had to enlist the help of my mother especially when it came to putting on the flying buttruss (forgive the spelling) that was to support my bust area. My lord I wouldn't wish that type of torment on anyone. So after I get on this contraption from hell, I finally get on my dress and shoes. By 2:40pm I'm out of the house and on my way to the park. I get there exactly around 3pm and see about 4 other wedding parties with the same colors as Amy and Scott's wedding and almost stopped at one but then realized the dresses were different.

I finally get the World Pavillion area and I'm the first bridesmaid there. The groomsmen (including mine) and Scott have already arrived and the rest of the wedding party gets there 10 minutes later. We take pictures for about an hour and we get back to the hotel by 4:20 since the wedding starts at 5:30pm. My mom is already at the hotel and my dad is apparently parking the car. The wedding starts around 6pm and thankfully I don't trip since I am the first one down the aisle.

Ceremony had it's funny moments and not to mention unforuntaley some irritating ones with some idiots from balconies from some of the hotel rooms acting stupid but beyond that the music was beautiful. After the ceremony you could go around the corner for an open bar YEA and mingle with the guests. I took more pictures with Amy and the other bridesmaids. Then i relaxed and was able to speak with my parents. I was happy to see them both there especially my dad. They had to leave though unfortunately since his sinus were flaring up. So after they left, people started to go into the dining area, except the wedding party since we were going to be announced.

Soon aftwerwards the whole party is announced and the toasts have been made, dinner is served followed by dessert. Amy and Scott also have their first dance as husband and wife. Of course there was the open bar as well. So I stayed in my outfit till 11pm because at this time I could feel a bruise on the back of my neck from the halter strap and my bra was starting to produce a few welts on my lower back side so I just asked for the card key to the room where I had stashed my stuff and changed into my other clothes. I then went back downstairs to rejoin the rest of the party and we danced the night away until midnight. I bid everyone a good night and I walked along with some others to the parking garage to where our cars awaited us. I had stashed 4 vases of roses including my bouquet. Overall I had a wonderful night;)
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