November 9, 2006

Something wonderful this way comes

Well today is Thursday and I have the day off finally. Earlier this week I got with my girls on Tuesday and we enjoyed an evening at Houlihan's just talking and joking. It was nice to just kick it at relax. With Xmas coming up soon been wondering on how much to save and how many present's do I need to buy. On top of that TODAY is my God-baby's birthday and I still have to figure out a present to send to her. So Today I will give her a call and wish her a wonderful b-day since I couldn't get in touch with her mama to figure out a head of time what she would like. My lil angel is SO beautiful every time I look at her pictures I just see Kai all over again.

The latest pictures of her were just so pretty, her big beautiful smile, her eyes just lighting up, and her hair, just simply flowing, and of course some of the pics were a tad bit out of focus LOL, but hey that's okay that just means she will be one heck of a track star in the future. So i just want to say to my great God-baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright well yesterday (Wednesday) I was suppose to work 2pm to 9pm, but unfortunately since there were schedule changes I ended up closing yesterday and didn't leave the job till damn near 11pm. So afterwards I went to Applebee's and met up with a couple of other co-workers and we just shot the shit until midnight.

I brought my ass home and watched some tv and zonked out a tad bit after 1am.

Oh and also to give you an update, a H.R. rep from ESI did contact me in regards to my complaint. I spoke to them as I was driving to work that morning and she stated that she would get back to me within a week. So finally I was able to get a response back, so in regards to that issue I am happy that I was acknowledged.

I must also comment that the weather has absolutely been fabo this week. Keep up the great work God;) Oh and last but definitely not least CONGRATS TO THE DEMOCRATS, IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!! GET THE SENATE AND HOUSE IN ORDER WE STILL HAVE A LOT OF TRASH TO TAKE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
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