November 3, 2006

you have those days when it's just NOT your day?

Well holiday season has offically started and i will be holding my breath until Feb '07 when everything subsides. Big items for this holiday season will be the lauching of the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. Of course Apple Ipods will always be a hot seller and with the new accessories that are already out it will definitely be in the forefront of many customers.

Yesterday (Thursday) a friend of mine, Tiffany came in and we chatted for a minute since it's beena couple of months since we last hung out. I told her of the Horrorfest Movie showing that was going on Nov. 17-19 and told her I was definitely trying to go so hopefully she can change her work schedule around so she can go along with me.

After we talked I went on my lunch and walked to Culpeppers. I must say that Customer Service is really shitty and has gone down the tubes especially after yesterday. I get there and I'm sitting on the waiting bench for over 10 minutes. Finally I get so pissed I just get a menu and a set of utensils and seat my own damn self. You had betta believe I was NOT quiet about it either I threw the menu on the table, I threw the utensils on the table, and pretty much threw my purse like it was a curve ball into the bench area I was about to sit in.

Appearantly the manager of the place was sitting down with a new trainee and from where I was sitting he jumped up immediately and a waiter came to my table. I ordered my food and I only left a $1 tip because I think his motor was running on Diesel instead of Premium. I left the place and went back to my job. Didn't get off until 9pm and my mom had to pick me up since my car was finally ready from the shop and we had to go THERE and pick up my car. YIPEE!!!

Well today my dad decides to wake me up at 6am to type a paper. I'm not too happy because

A) IT'S 6AM!!! Why the hell am I up?

B) The new cpu only has a trial version of MS OFFICE 2003 and the OLD cpu we just swapped out has a full professional version on it, so guess who had to RESWAP out the cpu's so I could type up the document????????????????????

C) I never got back to bed by the time I was done with the blasted thang it was going on 8:30am so it was time for me to get dressed.

D) My Phucking bank has screwed up something in my savings account and they tell me it's going to take 2 weeks to rectify the situation since they phucked up. How in the HELL do you phuck up something in one day and tell me it's going to take you 2 PHUCKING weeks to fix? What the PHUCK?????/

E) I'm home now and I'm PHUCKING tired!!!

Oh and to top everything off I have a 7am meeting TOMORROW!! So if anyone has a crowbar that I can use to just LIGHTLY TAP over my head I would greatly appreciate it.

Have a WONDERFUL evening...
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